2019 September Newsletter

Friday, August 30, 2019 Change of Venue

Due to an unexpected church event, Friday’s game will be held in the Ministry Center. This won’t be any problem for us since our Friday summer games have fewer than eight tables and the Ministry Center can easily hold that number with no crowding.  Many thanks to Fay and Elliott Myers and our other Wednesday players who helped organize our bidding boxes and equipment for the move.


Labor Day Party

Players, Spouses, and Significant Others are all invited to attend a Labor Day Party after the game (about 4:20) on Monday, September 2 at our regular location in the Spirit Center. There will be pizza, Greek salad, and dessert. Bring bottles of vino or soda to share. Please sign up on Friday (or send an email back to me) so we know how many pizzas to order. 

Storm Worries

If we have to cancel the game on Monday due to the weather, we will have this party on Friday, September 6.


September Club Championship Game

After all the special extra point games of the past two months, September will be a very quiet time.  There will be only one game where extra points will be awarded.  That will be on Wednesday, September 18.  Don’t miss it!


 60 % Games in August

8/2/19             Sam Shlesinger & Richard Price    60.19 %

8/5/19             Joan  & Marvin Marion                   62.50 %

8/7/19             Ellie Goodrich & Bob Parlin          60.12%

                        Garry & Ginny Schuemann              60.51%

8/9/19             Wayne Goodrich & Joyce Ling     67.04%

                        Garry & Ginny Schuemann             61.85%

8/14/19          Garry & Ginny Schuemann            61.11%

8/19/19          Fay & Elliott Myers                         68.36%

                        Liz Young & Nancy Driscoll          62.38%

                        Susan Stam & Marcia Reff             61.42%

8/26/19          Joan & Marvin Marion                    60.54%

8/28/19          George Bernstein & Joyce Ling     67.89%

                        Fay & Elliott Myers                         61.42%


September Board Meeting

There will be a meeting after the game on Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019.