2019 May Newsletter


Your Bridge Deck Club Board is pleased to announce that they have a signed lease for the remaining months in 2019. This lease is fairer to your club thanks to everyone’s behavior during this first year in the Spirit Center. We have done our best to be good and responsible tenants.  We have cooperated with the church’s staff when moves to the Ministry Center have been necessary. We have left our playing area, the kitchen area, and our section of the storage area clean and neat. Many thanks to each and every one of you. The major change in this new lease is it gives us a significantly lower monthly cost in the months when we only meet 3 days a week.

The church did ask the club to not meet on a long list of church and national holidays, but this list was shortened after negotiations by Ellie Goodrich and Marvin Marion.  We will be able to stay open on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Martin Luther King Day.  The club agreed to close on January 1st, Good Friday and the day after Easter, July 4, Aug 15, Thanksgiving, Dec. 9, Dec. 25, and Dec. 31.  Some of these dates will not effect us during the summer because they fall on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Starting in 2020 our leases will be for a full calendar year.



Donna Lyons donated 2 boxes of engraved pencils to the club last year and 3 boxes this year. Since they have the club name on them they are easy to recognize. Please remember to drop pencils in the basket on your way out the door after a game and look around your house and bring back any pencils that you find there. Of course we know that many of our guests at the April Sectional took pencils home with them as souvenirs. We hope the pencils remind them of enjoyable games at The Bridge Deck Club of Naples and that they come back next year.



Chairman, Nancy Trice and Treasurer, Joan Coval report that we had a very successful 3-day sectional. Excellent attendance, great food, a good director, happy winners, and good natured losers.  The club wants to thank all our members who contributed food and cash donations. We also want to thank all involved in preparing lunches or ordering and picking up lunches and sodas. Also all who contributed by cleaning bridge tables & side tables or who helped with setting things up or with putting things away after the Sectional.  A special shout out to Ellie and Wayne who worked overtime preparing all the duplicate boards needed for the pair games.  We also greatly appreciate John Toti and the church’s staff who set up and later dismantled over 50 tables and 200 chairs!



We will only be meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the next five months.



This extra point game will be held on Friday, May 17. A club championship game is the easiest and cheapest way to earn extra black masterpoints.



A number of Bridge Deck Club members attended the Gatlinburg Regional in Tennessee during the last full week of April. Richard Price & Joe Rachelle picked up 8 gold/red points while playing in a variety of games. Richard also set up and manned an exhibitor’s booth to display his Bid Box Holders.


Christy and Alan Coupland report that there were over 2800 players at this Regional.  The  weather was good, there were fun restaurants nearby, and lots of chocolate treats given out at the Convention Center.  They enjoyed playing with the Brian & Kay Richardson and also with Ohio friends. They earned 11.82 total points 10 of which were gold. Marlene MacKinnon also attended the Regional.



Always try to prevent your side from losing tricks due to a revoke.  While playing defense, whenever your partner discards a card from a different suit, it is your job to ask, “Any spades (hearts, diamonds, or clubs), partner?”

It is your partner’s job to double check and hopefully answer, “No.”  But if she does discover she has revoked, she can correct her error and there is no trick penalty.

Unfortunately the card that she exposed does become a Major Penalty Card and must be played at the first legal opportunity. A corollary of this rule is if you win a trick while your partner has a Major Penalty Card on the table,  before you lead the Declarer is given three choices.

1. Declarer can require you to lead the suit of the penalty card.

2. Declarer can prohibit the lead of the suit of the penalty card. If the Declarer choose either options 1 or 2, the penalty card is picked up and your partner can play any card in that suit that is in her hand.

3. If the Declarer does not require or prohibit the lead of the penalty card suit, the Defender may lead anyone of the four suits. If the Defender leads the suit of the Penalty Card, the P.C. must be played. If the Defender leads a different suit, the P.C. remains on the table and all the above steps must be taken again.