2019 March Newsletter

Sharks & Minnows

Friday, March 1st is the day we have been waiting for.  A great chance to play with a new partner. Only partnerships made up of one shark (over 500 masterpoints) and one minnow (under 500 masterpoints) can win in this game, although others may play in the game.

The game will be held in the Ministry Center on Friday because the church staff has to prepare the Spirit Center for a Friday night concert.



We will have two Club Championship games in March.  The first will be on Tuesday, March 19 and the second will be on Thursday, March 28. These games always award the winners a basketful of extra matchpoints.



Gary Thomas started a 5-week Play of the Hand class on Wednesday Feb. 27 at 9:30 AM using the book Play of the Hand in the 21st Century. The classes are $15 each and the book is $15. Classes are for past students of the Bridge Basics series or those with comparable playing skills. Contact Gary via email at garytbmx@aol.com or at 317-507-3545


The Chat Game is a wonderful way for newer players to practice their skills, get used to keeping scores and using the Bridge Mates. The game is open to people with zero to 49 masterpoints.  Donna Lyons and Gary Thomas are managing this game.



Preparations for the Bridge Deck Club’s three-day Spring Sectional are under way. The club has bought 20 new tables for the event. New boards and new cards have also been purchased. We will be asking for volunteers to wash the older bridge tables and the side tables. The Bidding boxes will also have to be cleaned and checked to make sure all have a complete set of cards in good condition. Chairman Nancy Trice has posted a sign-up sheet for refreshments. If baking cookies or cakes is not your thing, monetary donations would be greatly appreciated so food can be purchased. Cash donations will be collected by Nancy Trice or Nancy Driscoll or our Treasurer, Joan Coval.



Our lovely engraved pencils are disappearing fast. If you have started to make a collection of Bridge Deck Club pencils please bring them back to the club.  The club has  bought an extra large and extra strong pencil sharpener that hopefully will last forever.  The box says it is for “Heavy use with a heavy duty motor, perfect for the classroom or a large office.” The Bridge Deck Club may not be a classroom or a large office, but we certainly sharpen hundreds of pencils each month.



A pass out of rotation is covered in Law 30. If the Offender passed when it was the turn of his Right Hand Opponent  (RHO) and the call is not accepted, the pass is cancelled.  RHO gets his chance to bid and Offender has to repeat his pass.  Then the bidding proceeds naturally.  The Offender’s partner can make any legal bid.


If the Offender passed when it was the turn of his Left Hand Opponent (LHO) or his partner and the call is not accepted the call is cancelled.  After the correct people get their chances to bid, then the Offender has to pass one time.  But what if he doesn’t?  Then Offender’s partner has to pass at his next turn!



A bid out of rotation is covered in Law 31.  If the Offender bid when it was the turn of his RHO and the Offender’s LHO accepts the bid – on purpose or by accident – there is no penalty.  If the bid is not accepted, then the RHO gets to bid first.  If the RHO passes and the Offender repeats his bid there is again no penalty or if  the RHO makes any legal bid, double or redouble and the Offender repeats his bid at the correct level or makes  what the law book calls a “comparable call” again there is no penalty. 

Example:  West makes the opening bid of 1D.  North doesn’t do anything, but East thinks that North passed and bids 1H.  North calls the Director. South does not accept East’s bid so it is cancelled.  North then gets his chance and bids 1S. East only has 4-Heart cards  and 8 total points so doesn’t want to bid 2H, but he could use a negative double.   A negative double would be considered a “comparable call” in this situation.

If the Offender bid when it was the turn of his partner or the turn of his LHO and the out of rotation bid is not accepted  it is cancelled and the correct person goes first. The rulings are the same as above.  Offender must either repeat his bid at the correct level or make a “comparable call.”

Example: South is the dealer but East is not paying attention and bids 1S. The director is called and South does not accept the Bid out of Rotation so it is cancelled. South opens 1H. West can bid anything he wants, but he should try to forget that his partner opened illegally. Let us say that West passes. North bids 2H. If East bids 2S (a comparable call)  there is no penalty and the bidding continues normally.  But if East doubles, passes, or bids a new suit, those bids would not be comparable to an opening 1S bid, so then his partner has to pass at his next turn.