2019 June Newsletter

June is bustin Out All Over

It is a shame that so many of our members miss seeing Naples in June.  The Royal Poinciana trees suddenly burst forth with masses of red flowers, the Jacaranda turns a glorious lavender, and dozens of drab street trees transform themselves into Trees of Gold!


June at The Bridge Deck Club isn’t bustin our in colors, but is going to bust out with masterpoints.  Ten days out of this month’s twelve are extra point days! None of the nine  extra point days held at The Bridge Deck Club will involve extra costs to our players. Your board’s Executive Committee voted to have all the extra ACBL fees paid from the club’s bank account.


June 3rd, 5th, and 7th are North American Pairs games.  Winners can advance to compete against other Florida players and even get to compete in the Nationals.


Monday, June 10th will be our monthly Club Championship game. Our players are always happily surprised by how many points they win in this game.


The Bridge Deck Club will hold STaC games on June 17th, 19th, and 21st. Winners are awarded silver points.


The games on June 24th & June 26th are Fund Games. On these days the ACBL is raising money for the 2020 NABC that will be held in Tampa, FL


As in past years The Naples Bridge Center will be hosting The Bridge Deck Club’s Summer Sectional at their location.

            Friday, June 28th          9:00 AM         Open game & a 499/NLM game

                                                1:00 PM         Open game & a 99er game

            Saturday, June 29th     9:30 AM         Open game & a 499/NLM game

                                                1:00 PM         Open game & a 99er game

            Sunday, June 30th      10:00 AM      Open or 499/NLM Swiss Teams play thru


Fee for single session pair games is $12.00 per person.  Lunch is $5.00

Fee for 4 person Swiss Team game is $120.00 per team.  Four lunches are included.





Duplicate Bridge in ACBL sanctioned clubs must be played according to the Laws of Duplicate Bridge. These laws are designed to give all players a fair and even playing field.  The “Laws” do not require players to use any particular bidding system, for example you can use Standard American or Two over One or a British system or a German system.  The conventions that you employ are limited to what the ACBL publishes on their Convention Charts. (see. acbl.org/newconventioncharts) 

Law 40 spells out  – in four pages –  the details of “partnership understandings” and how they must be shared with the opponents. This Law uses the term “System Card” to convey what we in the United States call a convention card.  ACBL clubs in the United States provide convention cards to their players and expect all players to use these cards in order to fulfill the basic right of Law 40.

Each partnership has a duty to make its partnership understandings available to its opponents.

Since we can’t take the time during the game to explain each bid, double, or pass, we use our convention cards.  They should be displayed on the table so our opponents can look at them.  The owner of the card is not allowed to look at his own card during the bidding, but his opponent may look at it either before the bidding starts or after the bidding before the opening lead or whenever it is his turn to bid.

All Bridge Deck members playing with a regular partner must have either a white filled out convention card or use the yellow card.  

The yellow card is already filled out.  Players should cross out any convention listed on the yellow card that they do not use such as the Jacoby 2NT response to partner’s major suit opening bid or the Unusual 2NT overcall indicating that you have the 2 lowest unbid suits.

Law 40 section 3b. Repeated violations of requirements to disclose partnership understandings may be penalized.