2019 July Newsletter

Summer’s rainy season is here; it may be inconvenient but the rain is necessary. Come inside.  Our Bridge club room is always dry and cozy.



There is no game on Friday, July 5. The  church building will be closed.



July 8, 10, 12, 22, 24 and 26 are North American Pair games. The club is picking up the extra costs and you can pick up the extra black points. Winners can advance to compete against other Florida players and even get to compete in the Nationals.

Friday, July 19th will be our monthly Club Championship game. Our players are always pleasantly surprised by how many points they win in this game.



Please Remember: Good manners and civility are required by one and all. If you berate your partner or if you berate or insult your opponents it ruins the game not only for them, but also for the others at the table. Reports of unacceptable behavior need to be put in writing and given to a director or a board member. The Board has various options to deal with rude members. They can speak to the person or they may send a warning to the member. If the behavior continues the Board may bar that person from the club for 3 months or 6 months or permanently.



Don’t forget to thank Fay & Elliott Myers for all they do. Hot coffee, a cookie, or half a banana can perk you up around 3PM when your energy level is beginning to fade.



Please let Joan Marion know when you are available to play. In the summer when we have small games we try to avoid half tables. No one wants to have to sit out a round.

Directors are permitted to play if it avoids a half table. So let Joan or the director know if you can come in at the last minute during the summer.


No Play Button

On the Bridge Mates there is a key to press if you pass out a hand. When you press Pass, both sides get a score if the hand is played at another table.  But if you run out of time and can’t get the dummy down by two minutes before the end of the round, don’t press the Pass button. Press the O. In this case neither side gets either a plus or a minus score.