2019 January Newsletter


The Bridge Club usually meets in what the church management calls room 2.  This is the room closest to the back of the church. But in December, during the Christmas festivities when our space was needed, rather than moving us to the church’s Ministry Center we were just moved down the hall to room 4, the room next to the kitchen. This room can hold 15 tables so it worked well and as an added bonus it is closer to the rest rooms! This move is easier on our equipment,  easier for the custodial staff, and easier for us. So if you do not find us in our regular space, walk down the hall and look for us opposite the rest rooms.



Don’t forget to renew your membership in the Bridge Deck Club. Our new directory will be sent to the printer at the end of January. George Bernstein is collecting the dues and the membership forms. If you have a new telephone number or email address, please remember to update your information.  A one year membership is still only $25.00. Game fees are $10 for members and $12 for non-members.



We have many new members and numerous returning members and guests at this time of the year. Let’s all wear our name badges so they can learn our names and we can learn their names.  Now if I can only find mine!



There will be two Club Championship games: Thursday, Jan. 10th and Monday, Jan. 21st.



We have at least two members who have severe breathing problems when they sit in a theater, movie house, church, or at a bridge table near a person wearing scents. Please  avoid using scented products before coming to a game.  Thank you for understanding.



Fay & Elliott Myers are continuing to arrive an hour early on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to make the coffee and set up our hospitality table. We still need volunteers to cover Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are no costs involved in fact you get a free game. The club pays for the supplies that the Myers purchase and the supplies are stored in the club’s refrigerator and in the storage room. Frequently members bring in cookies and other baked goods so there is always something good to put out.



We have lovely new pencils engraved with our club’s name. Now we won’t forget to bring them back.



Gary Thomas will be using Audrey Grant’s Bridge Basics series to introduce beginners to the marvelous world of Bridge. Please help us spread the word. There are fliers available at the club that you can take and give to any neighbor or friend that might be interested.

Bridge Basics 1 will start on Friday, Jan. 18, 2019.  Time: 9:30 am to noon

Bridge Basics 3 will start on Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019.  Time: 9:30 to noon.

Marcia Reff  is giving a Brush-Up course for people who have played the game in past years and who want an update or review of bidding and conventions. There will be plenty of examples and 10 hands to play at each lesson.

Standard Bidding & Conventions will start on Monday, Jan. 7, 2019.  Time: 9:30 am.

All lessons are $15 a session.  No partner is needed. People will form partnerships during the lessons.

CHAT GAMES will start Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019. Time: 9:00 am to noon. The Chat game is limited to people with fewer than 50 masterpoints. Matchpoints will be awarded. Come with a partner or form a partnership at the game.   $10.00



The defensive team has the first salvo of the game, so why give it away to the declarer? An opening lead should be made face down while asking, “Any questions partner?” This way you will never hear that dreaded call, “Director, please,” nor have to listen to the director rattle off the declarer’s 5 options.

  • Declarer can accept the lead and become the dummy.
  • Declarer can accept the lead and see the dummy prior to playing to the first trick.
  • Declarer can refuse the lead and require the proper opening leader to lead that suit. (The incorrect opening lead will be picked up.)
  • Declarer can refuse the lead and require the proper opening leader not to lead that suit for as long as he retains the lead. (The incorrect opening lead will be picked up.)
  • Declarer can refuse the lead and allow the proper opening leader to lead anything he chooses; the original lead becomes a penalty card that stays on the table and must be played at the first legal opportunity.

The last three of these options are also given if, during the play of the game, there is a defensive lead out of turn.  By the way, whenever a player has a major penalty card  on the table and his partner has the lead, the declarer has the same 3 options.