2019 February Newsletter

February 11 to February 15 – one whole week to earn Silver Points during STaC Week.  STaC stands for Sectional Tournament at Clubs.  Players must go to a Regional Tournaments to earn Gold Points; they must play in Sectional Games or STaC games to earn Silver. The Bridge Deck Club will host a Sectional from April 3 through April 5 this year. Our advertisement will be in the March Sunshine Bridge News, but if you won’t be here in April don’t miss this chance to earn Silver during STaC week.


299er Game

On Mondays starting Feb. 18 the club will hold a 2-section game: one will be exclusively for players holding fewer than 299 masterpoints, the other will be an “open” game. They will be playing the same hands so there will be Overall masterpoints awarded.



We will have two extra black point games in February. Wednesday, February 6th and Tuesday, February 26. 

72% Games

Unit 128 publishes a 72% Club list in the Sunshine Bridge News. Joan and Marvin Marion are listed in the January/February issue for their 72.22% game.  The names of Angie Maranger and Joan Coval were submitted but unfortunately the editor left them out. Their names will be in the next issue. They had a 73.93% at a STaC game on Dec.11, 2018.  Congratulations to both pairs!



The Board is elected each December when the election is held during our Annual Meeting at the Holiday Party.  After the membership elects the Board, the Board meets and chooses the Board officers.

            Elliott Myers, President                                              Fay Myers                              

            Nancy Driscoll, Vice-President                                  Richard Price

            Joan Coval, Treasurer                                                  Joe Rachelle                                                                Marcia Reff, Secretary                                                Staci Solomon

            Ellie Goodrich                                                             Gary Thomas                                                               Joan Marion                                                                Chuck Young

If you have concerns about the club or suggestions for how the club could be improved, please speak to one of these Board members. This is your club so make your voice heard.  Board meetings are usually held once a month in the off-season, more frequently during our busy season. All members are entitled to attend open Board meetings.


Zero Tolerance

Your club subscribes to the ACBL’s Zero Policy.  We want all players to treat their partners and their opponents with respect and consideration. Some times we take the game too seriously.  Take a deep breath, try not to say things that you will regret later. Remember we are all fallible.  Unpleasant incidents are reported to the directors and written reports are given to the head director.  



Wear your name badge.  The club subsidizes the cost: you pay $10 and the club pays the rest.  We have many new members and numerous guest players  during “season.”  We want to learn their names and they might want to learn our names.  REMEMBER: Our guests and our regular members need to feel good about coming to our club. Therefore we should all be on our best behavior.  We are not the only Bridge Club in Naples; one good way to grow our club is to make our club welcoming. We have a good location in a lovely new building.  If our guest players enjoy their time with us, they will come back and will perhaps become club members.

Speaking of membership, George Bernstein has been collecting membership forms for the past two months.  He will be taking the list to the printer during the first week of February. Make sure your name is in the 2019 Membership book. All non-members should be paying $12 to play in our games; all members only pay $10.  Players sitting North should ask the players at their table to circle the M for Member, the G for Guest, or the F for Free on the payment envelope. Your directors have to provide a count of the number of members and the number of guests and the number of free plays for each day.  Would you like a free play?  There are a variety of ways to get a free play. The person handling the hospitality chores for the day gets a free play or if you agree to be a stand-by player and come in at the last minute, you get a free play.



Although the church parking lot is enormous, there are no marked spaces for people who need handicap parking spaces near our entrance.  We have requested officially marked spaces and are hoping that signs are put up. In the meantime if you are able-bodied please leave the 5 spaces closest to the entrance to the club’s room free for the use of those who really need them, even if they are not marked. Those of us without overwhelming physical problems should be thankful for our good luck and be willing to walk a few extra steps.  We sit three and a half hours in the afternoon; we need the exercise.



Thursday morning’s Chat game has had an excellent start. This 9 am game is limited to people with 0 to 49 masterpoints.  Cost is $10 for club members or non-club members. These are ACBL’s future Life Masters. The Chat Game is an excellent way for newer duplicate players to get used to the game and improve.  Most players will be using a basic Standard American system and if they raise their hand Gary Thomas  or Dona Lyons will come over and answer their bidding or play problem.  Then on the next Thursday Gary will come in at 8 AM and give a free lesson, going over any of the hands that were particularly challenging. Let us all encourage newer duplicate players to come to the Chat Game.


Monday’s 9:30 AM Bidding and Convention Course

February topics: Jacoby 2NT conventional response to a major suit and opener’s five possible second bids, responding to an overcaller (simple raises, preemptive raises, cuebid raises),  responding to the opener after an overcall (simple raises, preemptive raises, cuebid raises), take-out doubles and responses.