2019 April Newsletter

Spring Sectional is this week.  If you are still in the area, don’t miss it.  There will be three days of great games.

Wednesday, April 3 starting at 1 PM is a Swiss Team game open to seniors over the age of 55 and to non-life masters of any age.  The seniors’ team can include life masters & non-life masters; the NLM team is restricted. Arrive before 12:30 so the team’s captain can purchase the entry. Cost is $44. Only the captain should stand on line and he must know his team’s masterpoint  average.

Thursday, April 4 and Friday, April 5 are for pairs. There will be a 10AM game and a 2:30 PM game.   You do not have to play in both games to win masterpoints. When you purchase your entry ($22 for the pair), the director will want to know if you are playing in the senior’s or in the non-life master’s game.  Both games are stratified.

Lunches are available on Wednesday & Thursday.   $6.00 per person



We will NOT have a game on Good Friday, April 19.   Also we will NOT have a game on April 22 which is the day after Easter.



If you are trying to increase your masterpoint totals, you should always play (and hopefully win) on these special days.  No extra fee, but many extra points.  We have two in the month of April: Monday, April 15th  and Wednesday, April 24.



The Bridge Deck Club will be switching to its 3-day a week schedule at the beginning of May so there will be no game on Thursday, May 2nd and no games on Tuesdays or Thursdays until late fall.



Have you noticed the new sign on our bulletin board?   These are the players that have won the most masterpoints in their category.  Congratulations !



Thanks to generous donations the club has purchased new compact bidding boxes. These will make our moves back & forth to the Ministry Center easier.  They are simple to open and close and take up only a fraction of the space of our older bidding boxes.

Cards, Cards, Cards – A Bridge Club goes through cases of cards each year!  The club bought some plastic cards this year and will see if they have a longer life span.

The club is also the recipient of Richard Prices’s new bidding box holders and new stainless steel cup holders. If your northern club would be interested in purchasing sets of these, please contract Richard.   They certainly do cut down on the table top clutter.

Our dealing machine requires plastic boards that open. The machine is a fantastic invention; the plastic boards are not. Too many of them break.  The club has invested in new sets of boards.  We only hope they last at least three years.

And how can we play Bridge without tables. Unfortunately our tables take a lot of abuse with the  folding and stacking involved with frequent moves. We have some new tables in the store room and will be unpacking and using them for the Sectional this week.

Where do your game fees go? A partial list would include: rent, convention cards, tables, pencils, playing cards, duplicating paper & ink, bidding boxes, director fees, website management, ACBL fees, hospitality supplies, and the game fee envelopes that are put on the tables.



Our regular hospitality team this season has done an outstanding job.  We all owe them our thanks.  Fay & Elliott Myers have covered Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.  Joe Rachelle has covered Tuesdays, and Chuck Young & Marsha Girouard have taken care of Thursdays.  We want you to know we appreciate each and everyone of you.



Thanks to Board Member Gary Thomas we are spreading the word about the pleasures of learning and playing the game of Bridge.  Gary has had a very successful season; he gave four 6-week classes that averaged 24 learners per class.  Many of these novice players also participated in the Thursday Chat Games and were warmly welcomed by Director Donna Lyons.  The Chat Games have averaged about 30 players, an outstanding first year.  It is our hope that these players will soon gain the confidence to join us in our afternoon games.

Marcia Reff’s Brush Up Your Bridge Class for retirees who finally have the leisure time to play  has average 2 to 3 tables, but with many people just dropping in for particular subjects like Jacoby 2NT.   Monday, April 8th will probably be my last class until the fall. The subject will be 1430 Keycard Blackwood.  Did you know that you can use Control Bids first and then use Blackwood?