July 2017 Newsletter

The BDC is a member-owned and managed ACBL Bridge Club

Elks Lodge 2010                                                                     Games start promptly at 1:00

11250 Tamiami Trail East                                                       Please arrive by 12:45

Website: BridgeDeckClub.org                                                Partners: Eunice at 239-293-5290



The Bridge Deck Club will be hosting a Hot Dog Luncheon in the Elks Lodge Bar starting at 11:30 on Wednesday, July 5th.   The Club will be covering the cost of the luncheon as a thank you to all our loyal year round members. There will be franks, potato salad, chips, sodas, and dessert. If you haven’t signed up or if you did sign up and can’t make it, please let President Joan Marion know (239-919-3024) so she can provide an accurate count to the Elk Lodge Bar.


Come, socialize before the game and be thankful that we live in the United States of America.



Our Club Championship Game will be on Friday, July 21, 2017.  Masterpoint awards are increased for this game. There were only 13 couples playing in the June game, but 9 of those pairs won points ranging in size from 48 to 2.48.



Al least one of our regular members is allergic to perfumes and scents.  Having to sit at a table where someone is wearing perfume can cause her asthma to flare up and send her to the hospital, so please be careful. After shave lotions, face creams, hair lotions, perfumes, and scented hand soap are marketed to make you more attractive to others, but you’re beautiful and wonderful as you are. You don’t need anything extra.



We use the numbers from 1 to 7, the four suits, the Notrump key, the double and redouble keys, and the N/S E/W keys, but when do we use the zero?      We use it when the director informs you that the time is up for the round and you don’t have time to play the last board.  North depresses the Zero Key and the message will say, “No Play.” East or West should accept this just like they would any other bid.   But when all four players PASS, North should depress the Pass Key.



Our Summer Fling Sectional held at The Bridge Center was a roaring success. The tournament hosted more tables than in past summer sectionals.  Director Tony Cipolla earned 10.73 silver points, Ed Kemnitzer 8.05, and Judi Nevai 5.43 silver points. Nineteen other BDC members earned from a half to 4.35 silver points.  Many thanks to all who attended and to all who supplied the food that kept our bodies and minds working at peak performance levels.


Summer games continue on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Thank you for supporting the Bridge Deck Club of Naples now meeting at the Naples Elk Lodge