June 2017 Newsletter Part II

The first part of the June Newsletter had to be sent out early before I had the information about the special events taking place in June – and there are three pretty special ones.


Sectional Tournaments at Clubs  - STaC  Week

June 12, 14, & 16

You need 75 silver points to qualify for a 500-point Life Master.  You need a total of 1000 points that included at least 200 silver/red/gold/platinum points to gain the Silver Life Master rank. Most clubs in Unit 128, our unit of ACBL’s District 9, will be awarding silver points to winners during the second full week of June. At our club that means you can add silver points to your ACBL totals on June 12, 14, and 16 in our regular pair games. Everyone in the unit will be playing the same hands, so the “field” will be enormous.  If you are a winner at our club and also do better than winners at some of the other clubs, you will be delighted by the number of silver points you earn. We will need to have a reasonable number of tables on each day.  I believe 6 or 7 will do it, or we don’t get a chance to be in contention with the larger clubs. Cost will be $2.00 extra per person.


Sizzling Summer Sectional

June 22, 23 & 24

Our club is hosting this Sectional, but it is being held at the Bridge Center on Golden Gate Parkway. There will be “Open” pair games and 299’er pair games on Thursday, June 22 and on Friday, June 23 at 10 AM and 2:30 PM.  Fee: $11.00 per person/per session for ACBL members. Non-ACBL members will be charged extra. Lunch may be purchased for $6.  Please know your ACBL number and the approximate number of masterpoints you have. You do not have to play two sessions per day to win silver points; these are “single session” events. (At the Regionals in order to win gold points you must play in two session events.)


At the club there is a sign-up sheet for the hospitality table or if you can assist in some other way. Naturally there will be no games at the Elks Lodge on June 22 and June 23.


On Saturday there will be an all day Swiss Team Game starting at 10 AM.  Fee: $100.00 per team and lunch is included. The team director purchases the entry for the entire team and needs to know the average masterpoint total of his team.


North  American Pairs – qualifying event

District 9 is starting the process of choosing their top 11 pairs to represent the District in the next North American National Games.  For our Unit 128 the process starts on June 26.  Any pair that scores over 50% can compete at the next level and eventually Unit 128 winners compete against  winners in the other District 9 units. They are looking for the best C pairs, the best B pairs and the best A pairs


NEWS FLASH:  Thanks to Joan Coval the club’s telephone number has been transferred to a cell phone.  If you need to reach the club during game afternoons, call our regular number 239-262-5334