June 2017 Newsletter

The BDC is a member-owned and managed ACBL Bridge Club

Elks Lodge 2010                                                                     Games start promptly at 1:00

11250 Tamiami Trail East                                                       Please arrive by 12:45

Website: BridgeDeckClub.org                                                Partners: Eunice at 239-293-5290


Memorial Day Luncheon in the Elks Lodge Lounge

Come early on Monday, May 29 and join your friends for a buffet lunch at 12:00. The luncheon will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $6 to $8 depending on what the cook buys.  If you didn’t sign up on Friday, May 26, please call or email Joan Marion so she can give the kitchen a heads-up on the number of people to expect. Marvinmarion513@aol.com  or 239-260-7053  The game on Monday will be a club championship game so winners will receive extra points.


New Location News

Our first month renting space at the Elks Lodge 2010 is almost complete. The Elks have been welcoming and our members are happy to have a convenient location in which to meet.  The room we are presently using will be fine for the summer and fall. It can hold 10 tables, but for the summer we will reduce that number to eight in order to provide more space between the tables.  It is so nice to be using a room where we can leave the tables set up and leave the bidding boxes on the tables!  Our club members have been quite accepting of the new hospitality rules, e.g. no food is permitted in the game room. Those of us who worked on provisioning the hospitality table are overjoyed not to have to continue to provide food and desserts. Lunch and coffee can be purchased and eaten in the adjoining lounge area before the game. The club continues to provide free ice tea. Please remember to pick up and deposit used convention cards and water cups in the basket by the door.


We still have a club telephone number, but unfortunately haven’t been able to use it because the room does not have a telephone jack.  Joan Coval is making arrangements to purchase a cell phone for the club and transfer our club number to the cell phone. 


Our computer has wireless capability so it is able to use the Elk’s internet router and the directors are usually able to upload the game results to our club’s website. There has only been one day that the Elk’s Internet connection wasn’t working. The results for Monday, May 22 are posted on the door to the closet near the director’s desk.


Ken Dixon

In May we were deeply saddened by our loss of President Ken Dixon. Before Janet left for Ohio, she felt strong enough to come and say good-by.  She spoke eloquently of their love of each other and their desire for the continued growth and success of the Bridge Deck Club. Janet also thanked all those who called or sent sympathy cards; the messages of support, love, and understanding were deeply appreciated. On May 5th, the day Ken died, Janet donated the game fees for all the participants at the BDC in memory of Ken.  She felt that this was something Ken would have wanted her to do.  There will be a celebration of Ken’s life on June 2nd at the Fairhaven Church on Whipp Road, Centerville, Ohio at 5:30. Janet’s northern address is 8617 Innsbrook Lane, Springboro, Ohio 45066



Bob Parlin

Club members welcomed Bob back to the club at the end of May after his long hospital and rehab stays. We all missed Bob.  It is so good to see him at the tables again.


Belated Thanks

Nancy Trice would like to again thank all those who helped with our April Spring Sectional. Laurie Hamachek, Audrey Danocup, Rebecca Herman, April Napolitano, and Janet Dixon worked on the bidding boxes. The cards were wiped off and organized. All the boxes were checked and missing cards replaced.  Marvin Marion sold lunch tickets. Nancy Driscoll, Faye & Elliott Myers, Bob Hudson, and Joan Marion worked on Hospitality and then all the necessary cleaning after each day’s game.  Joan Coval provided artistic flower arrangements for the Hospitality table and the restrooms.


Bridge Regulations

Bridge is a game with Rules.  In a club game some of these rules are not always strictly enforced. Directors try to be lenient especially with newer players and players with physical handicaps.

One of those major rules involves time.  Each game is supposed to be played in 7 minutes. That means removing the hands from the boards, bidding, playing, and replacing the hands in the boards. However we all know that some hands take a minute more and some are so easy they practically play themselves. You are given 21 minutes to play 3-hands and 28 minutes for four.


Director calls eat up time, so try not to make errors. Make the opening lead face down. (This is actually a rule in the Law Book.)  Pay attention and don’t trump a heart when you have hearts in your hand! If you do, and we all do once in awhile, cooperate with the director.  When asked to turn over the 5th card from the beginning, do so promptly. It is against the rules to touch another player’s cards or to shuffle your own before everyone has agreed on the results or to not keep your played cards in order. I have seen beginners keep their winners in one pile and their losers in a second pile. None of us would do this, but some of us do not keep our cards in a neat orderly row.  If you don’t and there is a question about a possible reneg, the ruling will probably go against you.


Discussion about each played hand eats up time. We all know that it wasn’t our error, it was our partner’s. He/She didn’t bid correctly or didn’t lead correctly or didn’t see our signal.  Spend a minute or two after each hand discussing your good plays and your partner’s bad plays and you will quickly fall behind.  And then the snowball starts down the hill. The couple at the next higher table is waiting for your E/W pair and the E/W pair at the next lower table is waiting to play at your table. All three tables start 2 minutes late and by the next round they are 4 minutes late and then 6 minutes, then 8 minutes late. 


Convention Cards are required.  Both players should have identically filled out convention cards and at least one player on each side must write down the contract and the result. There are three good reasons for these rules.  1. It forces you to have a discussion with your partner about your system and conventions.  2. Your opponents have the right to look at your convention card to see what system and conventions you play. 3. If there is a problem e.g. you played the boards out of order, the North player entered the boards incorrectly into the Bridge Mates, the incorrect scores are erased and the correct scores then have to be reentered.  Suddenly it is discovered that no North/South player and no East/West player has written anything down!