May 2017 Newsletter

The BDC is a member-owned and managed ACBL Bridge Club

Elks Lodge 2010                                                                     Games start promptly at 1:00

11250 Tamiami Trail East                                                       Please arrive by 12:45

Club number: 239-262-5334                                                   Partners: Eunice at 239-293-5290




Thanks to so many of our hard working members we have made another successful move, our 5th since I’ve played in the club. At the church on April 21 & 22 a team of members cleaned out the refrigerator so it could be moved. Bob Hudson did the lion’s share of separating and packing the hospitality supplies, some to go into storage and some to go to our new home at the Elks Lodge. Ellie Goodrich emptied the steel file and the 3 large cabinets, sorting the contents in a triage process: things to be stored, things to dump, and things to move and use for the summer. Marcia Reff and Eunice Muiddman made themselves useful by sorting and packing. Wayne Goodrich, with the assistance of Gary Thomas, Joe Tuthill, Chuck Young and Ev Duthoy packed various other items. They also sorted chairs and tables, discarding the worst. They set aside 16 tables for the Lodge and the rest for storage.  Then Wayne and the hired workmen trucked one pile of things to the storage locker and the other to the Lodge. I can only imagine all the work they had to do at both places. 


At the Elks Lodge on Monday, Wayne Goodrich, Bob Hudson, Gary Thomas, Iris Minner, and Marcia Reff set up the Bridge tables, found the bidding boxes, and filled the fridge with water and drinks.  Our Webmaster, Manny Rodrigues, was also there working with Wayne to set up the computer and Wifi.


For those of you not in Naples I will try to describe our new space. We are using the Lodge’s official Meeting Room and their very comfortable chairs for our off-season games. This room holds 16 of our tables, which is more than adequate for our summer games. We have also been given the use of a large walk-in-closet to store our computer, printers, Bridge Mates, dealing machine and other valuables. The three storage cabinets and the refrigerator have been placed in the lobby.


Food and snacks are not allowed in the playing area, but ice tea, soda and water are. Food and coffee may be purchased and eaten in the adjoining lounge before or after the game.


Games will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the summer


On April 26, our first day in our new “digs,” we were overjoyed to have 12 full tables, an amazing number for late April. For the most part our members seemed satisfied with the room and the playing conditions. There are still a few computer bugs to work out, but we have made fantastic progress in such a short time.


Two of the greatest advantages of our new location are that we can leave the bidding boxes attached to the tables and the tables won’t be folded up and manhandled three times a week.


The Lodge only uses their ceremonial Meeting Room twice a month on the first and third Mondays at 7 PM.  On those days we will have to put everything away and then set up again on the following Wednesdays. This will be much easier on the tables and on our volunteers.  On all the other days the bidding boxes can remain on the tables, but please bring the Bridge Mates back and put them into their carrying case.  The boards should also be brought up to a table near the director’s desk.