April 2017 Newsletter

The BDC is a member-owned and managed ACBL Bridge Club


Parish Hall of St. Peter the Apostle Church                           Games start promptly at 1:00.

5130 Rattlesnake Hammock Rd.                                            Please arrive by 12:45

Club number: 239-262-5334                                                   Partnerships: Janet at 937-361-1225



Nancy Trice has been working overtime to prepare for our April 19th through the 21st Sectional.

We have a full-page ad in the Sunshine Bridge News and flyers available for distribution in our members’ clubhouses and posting on your neighborhood bulletin boards.  There will be a Single Session Swiss Team game on Wednesday, April 19th open to seniors and Non-Life Masters that will be stratified by the average masterpoints of the 4-team mates. Entry fee per team is $44. Please tell the director your team’s average masterpoints so he can put you in the correct stratum.


On Thursday and Friday the games for Stratified Senior Pairs and Stratified Non-Life Masters, all 299’ers welcomed, will start at 10:00 and 2:30. Both are single session games. Entry fee is $11 per session per person.   Lunch can be purchase for 6 dollars.


Preparation for the Sectional

Nancy Trice will be asking for volunteers to clean tables and bidding boxes on the morning of April 10.  There will be a sign-up sheet for food donations or monetary donations can be given to the game directors who will pass them on for food purchases.


Moving to the Elks Lodge

The Spring Sectional will be our last games in St. Peter’s before the present building is demolished.  Board member, Chuck Young has been leading our negotiations with the Elks Lodge officers for a workable win-win lease.  The lease is now signed!  Immediately after the Spring Sectional we will be packing and moving.   The Lodge is on the right hand side of I-41 about a mile east from Rattlesnake Hammock Rd


Three-Day Summer Schedule Starts on WEDNESDAY, April 26th

There will be no game on Monday, April 24th.  Wednesday, April 26th will be our first game at the Elks Lodge. We will need Monday and Tuesday to unpack and organize ourselves at the Lodge. We will be using the Lodge’s formal Meeting Room during our slow months. This room is carpeted, so great care must be taken not to spill coffee or soft drinks.


Two final 299’er Games until next Season

We will continue to hold an Open game and a 299’er game on the first two Fridays in April. Attendance at the 299’er game has been fantastic. Bridge is alive and well in Naples.


Club Championship Games

Extra black points will be awarded on Thursday, April 13th. If you want to increase your master-point totals, try not to miss these Club Championship games.  At the 7-table Club Championship game on April 4th  Joy Miller and Henry Stern came in first N/S and won 2.48 black points!


Lost and Found

A number of forgotten shawls and sweaters are presently hanging in the church closet where we store hospitality supplies. If you are missing something please check there or in the Lost and Found box on the Bridge bookcase near the White Board.


April is the Cruelest Month

Naples is beautiful.  The flowers are blooming. The weather is lovely, but suddenly all our friends are leaving. We full time residents are sad to see you leave and look forward to your return. You make our lives more interesting and exciting.


Bridge Book Library

If you want to borrow and hold onto a book until we move back to St. Peter’s in 2018, please do so.  Otherwise we will have to pack and store them.  Next year we will rebuild our Bridge library.

Bridge Education

Beginning and Intermediate Bridge classes met for the last time during the first week of April.

Both classes were very well attended. The beginning students are looking forward to taking the next series of classes and the intermediate students are more than capable of playing in our regular games.  Many are doing so already.


Bob Parlin and Ken Dixon

Recently our clubroom has been missing two of our most important members.  Bob Parlin broke his hip in March.  After successful surgery he has been in rehab at Lely Palms.  He reports that he expects to stay for another week and then, if the doctor gives him the green light, will be able to return home.  Bob has been missed.  He always does so many important behind the scenes Bridge housekeeping jobs.  We all look forward to his return.


Then Ken Dixon gave us a scare.  He also decided to take an unplanned hospital visit, but we are pleased to report that as of April 4, Ken is home and completing his recovery.  As one of our two co-presidents Ken is an essential member of our Bridge team. Our Board meetings start on time and end on time and the agenda is covered. His leadership has helped the club in innumerable ways.  Ken hopes to return to the tables later in the month.


Director Please

An opening bid or an opening pass out of turn is serious. Yes, the next person can accept the infraction, but usually they don’t.

The most serious offense

If you make an opening bid when it is your partner’s or LHO’s turn, then your partner must pass whenever it is his turn. He never gets a chance to help you find your best contract!  After the director rules you pick up your bid, the correct person bids (your partner must pass) but you, the Offender, can bid whatever you want and whenever it is your turn.  If the Offender and his partner become the defending side, there may be lead restrictions!


If you make an opening pass when it is your partner’s of LHO’s turn, it is a less serious offense. The director is called and, if the next person doesn’t accept the pass, the bidding reverts to the correct person, but you, the Offender, must pass again. However you must only pass this first time, both you and your partner may bid after that.


The rules are different if you bid or pass at your RHO’s turn.  But who said Bridge was easy.

See Laws 30 & 31