March 2017 Newsletter

The BDC is a member-owned and managed ACBL Bridge Club

Parish Hall of St. Peter the Apostle Church                                  5130 Rattlesnake Hammock Rd.

Games start promptly at 1:00.                                                                       Please arrive by 12:45

Club number: 239-262-5334                                                  Partnerships: Janet at 937-361-1225


Hooray!  Hooray!   Our new Members’ Directory is hot off the press.

48 new members have joined since the March 2016 directory was printed!

Maureen Baker            Don Baumbach                       Nancy Bullough          Dick Burns     

Gail Cizek                   Janet Connell                          Leslie Connell             Alan Coupland           

Marlaine Cote             Christy Coupland                    Charles Curley            Gail DeGreeff            

Gayle Despard                        Michael Donnell                      Patricia Filippo            Virginia Ginsberg

Heather Harrington     Rebecca Herman                     Jim Hudson                 Pauline Hudson          

Brian Jenner                Kathleen Kennedy                  Jo Ann Kriger             Lucie Labonte +         

Cathy Lederhaas         Rosemarie Lenninger              Marge Lewis               David Lipke

Gwen Morgan             Jo Ann Murch                         Debbie Nisius              Elliot Newman

Joyce Perl                    Lincoln Pinsky                        Mary Anne Pickett      Bobbi Robertson

Joan Rogan                 Joyce Rolland +                      Carol Rosen                Emma Senter

Beverly Sheets            Sandy Soss                              Michelle Stafford        Pat Stephens  

Terry Stephens            Gary Thomas                           Gwen Wiekes              David Wilson

                                                + indicates returning member

Please add to directory our newest member Margorie Lewis  email:

Please add Lincoln Pinsky      email:


Please check the directory for any errors and report them to Chuck Young & George Bernstein.


Is your name missing from the 2017 Members Directory?

You missed the deadline, but please rejoin the club in March.



Are you a SHARK or a minnow?  A shark is someone who has achieved the rank of Life Master, while a minnow is still in the process of acquiring the necessary masterpoints.  The purpose of this game is to give more of our “C” players a chance to play with a “B” or an “A” player and for the more advanced player to perhaps give some kindly and helpful pointers to their partner.

So please no one should be playing with their regular partner or a partner that they have played with many times before. All “A” and “B” players should play with someone new and at the end of the game perhaps suggest what the minnow should study in order to improve.  Think of yourself as one of the professionals that people hire to help them at tournaments.  Remember winning isn’t everything.


Joan Volkheimer is again the Chairman of the Sharks and Minnows game.  There will be a sign-up poster.  Please write in pencil.



There are over 80 Life Masters listed in our new roster book. Look for the star next to their name and call or email one.  If you are too shy, then post an index card on the bulletin board saying you are seeking a partner for the game.  Sharks could also post an index card saying that they are available.


ST. PATRICK’S DAY LUNCHEON:  Plans are afoot for our annual St. Paddy’s Day Luncheon before the Sharks and Minnows game. Help will be needed.



Our club will be participating in this years ACBL Senior Pairs game in the comfort of our own club.  The club winners receive 72% of the masterpoints awarded in a sectional game plus the opportunity to increase the size of their winning points when our winning scores are compared to all the other winning District 9 players. Hand records and analyses provided.  This game is restricted to players born prior to January 1, 1959.   Game cost is increased only one dollar.



Our very popular 299’er games will continue on all the Fridays of the month of March except on March 17 when we have the Sharks and Minnows Game. 



Lessons for new players are continuing on Wednesday mornings and for intermediate level players on Monday mornings.



There are visible duties and invisible duties that the Head Director performs. Each week Ellie and Wayne come to the Parish Hall and spend the morning first with the computer and then with the Dealing Machine preparing a week’s worth of Bridge Boards. Using the Bridge Composer computer program the week’s hands are created and a master copy for each day is printed. Next the computer is hookup to the Dealing Machine.  Each of the sets of boards that have been used in the previous week have to be opened, the Bridge cards are removed and one pack at a time they are placed in the machine. An opened board is placed in the correct place to catch the cards.  On Mondays and Wednesdays when they expect to have two sections, they have to tell the machine to duplicate two identical sets of hands.  On Fridays when there is a 299’er game, they duplicate three identical sets of hands.   After all the preparatory work is finished, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to make each set of 36 boards.  The Club owns 11 sets of the new opening plastic boards and during the high season we use nine a week.  The extra sets are used when we have sectionals.  For the April 2017 Summer Sectional the Board authorized the purchase of  all new playing cards at $22 a dozen.  The club will purchase 3-dozen for each set of 36 boards for a total of  $726 plus shipping and taxes.



The same people have been making the coffee, filling the ice bucket, and putting out snacks for more than 6 months.  If you are physically able, this group of volunteers need a break.  Please volunteer for at least one month but if you can’t the club members do appreciate all the snacks that our members contribute. THANK YOU



No leads out of turn, no bids out of turn, no revokes, and no arguments about petty things; the clock is ticking and you have 7 minutes to play each hand. If the Dummy is not on the table when the 2-minute bell sounds, you are not allowed to play the hand. Each pair gets an average score. Please don’t argue with the Director. The Director tries to be fair to all players.  Yes, others may still be playing, but they have played at least half the cards and will be finished by the time the second bell sounds.