December 2016 Newsletter

Parish Hall of St. Peter the Apostle Church
5130 Rattlesnake Hammock Rd.

Games start promptly at 1:00
Please arrive by 12:50

Club number: 239-262-5334
Partnerships: call Janet at 937-361-1225



This will be a great month for earning silver points and extra black points. For those working toward a 500-point Life Master, you need 75 silver points and you can only earn these in the STaC games.  Our last STaC week of 2016 starts December 5, so plan to play often.  Even the Holiday Party game at Eagle Creek on December 7 is part of STaC week, so if you have not purchased a ticket don’t delay a moment longer.  Due to the size of the space, this game is limited to 16 tables.   Check with Anne O’Connell to see if there is a table still available.


Two Charity Games will be held in December. The first will be on Monday, Dec. 19 to help support the ACBL Charity Foundation.   The second will be on Friday, Dec. 23.  Both games will cost a dollar more, but the extra money collected at the second game will be donated to a local Collier County charity.  This year the Board decided to donate the extra dollars to our local Salvation Army.  These charity games award almost as many black points as you would win in a sectional game, so you are not only helping our community, but also helping yourself.



Club Championship games in December are on Friday, Dec. 16 and Monday, Dec. 26.  If you are looking for more black master-points these are $8.00 games that pay off big.



As you know The Bridge Deck Club of Naples is a member owned club with a volunteer Board of Governors. The Club’s Board meets at least 11 times a year and once a year holds a General Meeting to report to the membership.  The meeting will be held before the game at Eagle Creek on Dec. 7, 2016.


The Nominating Committee composed of Janet Dixon, Glenda Armstrong, and Marcia Giovannageli interviewed and recommended a slate of members for the 2017 Board of Governors.  The club membership will have an opportunity at December’s General Meeting to approve the slate or to propose additions or subtractions to the slate.


The proposed 2017 slate (in alphabetical order) consists of Joan Coval, Janet Dixon, Ken Dixon, Ellie Goodrich, Bob Hudson, Joan Marion, Fay Myers, Marcia Reff, Staci Solomon, and Chuck Young.    After the slate is elected the new Board will vote for new club officers.



The Declarer Play course led by Marcia Reff has ended for the year. A Brush-Up Course on Bidding and Bridge Conventions will begin on Monday, January 9, 2017.




Understanding the Convention Cards and How to Fill Them Out

Bob Parlin will be presenting a series of free mini-lesson Chalk Talks on December Tuesdays at noon.  Remember you and your partner need two identical convention cards.  It is always nice to understand what your partner’s bid means.  Is a new suit after your partner’s Weak Two opener forcing or non-forcing?  Is it forcing or non-forcing after a Weak Two Overcall?  Which bid is alertable?  Which bid is not?  Are you playing regular Blackwood or 1430 or 3014?


Dec.  6  The section on Minors                                                      Dec. 20 The section on Notrump

Dec. 13 The section on Majors                                           Dec. 27 The section on Weak Two Bids



Many thanks to the club members who are purchasing, preparing, setting up, cleaning, and putting away the items used during the afternoon games. Bob Parlin and Bob Hudson are in charge of purchasing and lugging in the basic supplies. Bob Parlin keeps the fridge filled with various types of soft drinks and bottled water. You are asked to put a dollar in the jar and then go into the kitchen and serve yourself.  The fridge also holds ice tea and perishable food. Other basic supplies that must be purchased are plastic utensils, various sizes of paper plates & napkins, coffee cups, & cups for cold liquids. Then there are two kinds of coffee, coffee creamer, and three types of sweeteners.   The men also purchase candy, cookies, crackers, & various other types of nibbles.  The list of the people who come in at noon to prepare the coffee and the hospitality table is posted on the bulletin board. These men and women also bring in various delights to grace the table.  If you have half of a cake or pie or egg salad or ham left over, don’t throw it away. Please do bring it in, but call the person in charge of that day’s hospitality or at least let Joan Marion know so we don’t go out and buy any duplicates. All money put in the donation boxes go to purchase supplies and are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.



Starting on Friday, January 2 and continuing on Fridays in January and February there will be a 299’er game in addition to the regular stratified “Open” game.  The 299’er game will also be stratified. This will be an excellent opportunity for our newer players to gain skill, speed, and confidence.



Do you always have to lead or play a penalty card?  Actually the answer is no if the penalty card was a “minor” penalty card.  A minor PC is any card from 2 to 9 that has been exposed during the auction period or during the play in three certain ways:

1. a single card that has been dropped faced up or

2.  held in such a way that his partner could see it or

3.  exposed by playing two cards to a trick accidentally.

            “It must be played before any other card, 9 or lower, of the same suit is played.

              It is permissible to lead or play a card, 10 or above, in the same suit before playing the minor PC.

             It is permissible to play another suit.”

From the ACBL  Duplicate Decisions 2008 handbook, page 51.