November 2016 Newsletter

We had 12 tables of Bridge players on Oct. 25th to honor Abe and Jean Brown on Jean’s 91st birthday and their 70th wedding anniversary. WOW! What amazing achievements! See the photos here.


Abe and Jean wore matching white T-shirts to the party.

On the front his said    ABE           and hers said       JEAN

                                  #98                                      #91

On the back his said  TOGETHER  and hers said   SINCE

                                   19                                     46

There was a beautiful anniversary cake that tasted as good as it looked, champagne and an outstanding luncheon. Pictures taken by Martin Reff are posted on the bulletin board but if you are still “up North” look on our web site –

Many thanks to Angie Maranger and her crew of helpers: Jean Jensen, Joan Volkheimer, Marcia Giovannangeli, Fay Meyers, Nancy Lauridsen, Janet Dixon, Nancy Driscoll, Staci Solomon, Bob Hudson, and Ellie Goodrich for all their work in preparing food, setting up, and cleaning up afterwards.




Many thanks also to Eunice Muddiman who did a great job of finding partners for people during the late spring, summer and early fall.  Naturally this is our “slow” season, but thanks to our loyal year round members we managed to have 4, 5, or 6 table games nearly all summer long.

Janet Dixon has returned to town and Janet will be resuming the partnership post. If you are available to play let Janet know.  Remember if you ask her to find you a partner and then you find one yourself, you must let her know. Do not abuse her help.  Call at reasonable times and honor your commitments.   Janet’s number is 937-361-1225              Email is




November marks the return of our 5-day a week winter Bridge schedule.  Many of our northern members are returning so now we can give them more choices for their playing pleasure. Yet as we know from previous years Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays get the biggest turnouts, Tuesdays and Thursdays the smallest.  This would be good time to try out a new Tuesday or Thursday partnership; you just might find a new BFF (Best Friend Forever). 


The club will be closed on Thanksgiving, Nov. 24, 2016.




One of the time honored ways to increase club membership is by reaching out and teaching our favorite game to new players or introducing the duplicate form of Bridge to social Bridge players.  Unfortunately newspaper ads are extremely expensive and what is worse, fewer and fewer people read newspapers.  I wish we could afford to make TV ads and saturate the local stations with ads about our “Fabulous Club” and “Everybody is Welcome” and “Plenty of Free Parking” but that is just not possible.  Please help us spread the word.  Joan Coval is willing to help new people get started with the basics or to hold beginning Chat Games on Wednesday mornings.  Marcia Reff is providing lessons on various aspects of declarer playing techniques. November topics are: finessing into the safe hand and avoiding the dangerous opponentcrossruffing instead of pulling trump, the ruffing finesse, creating extra entries, unblocking and the elimination end play.




A Nominating Committee will be busy between now and the Christmas Party selecting a slate of prospective Board members for 2017.  Please be courteous if you are asked for your thoughts or participation.  Members will vote on the final presentation at our luncheon.  As the current president I am truly grateful for the loving response of our membership and thank you for having faith in electing me and our current Board.

Beverly Jean Jensen




We all want to be pleasant to each other and have others enjoy our company.  We bathe and wear clean clothes to the game. Unfortunately some members don’t realize that many people are allergic to scents and perfumes.  Their throats close up, their noses start to run, and they start looking for painkillers. Orchestras, bands, and choruses all have policies against perfumes.  No performing member is allowed to wear hair creams or after shave or perfumes in a rehearsal or performance.

People used to wear perfumes to cover up body smells; nowadays we all take daily showers and no longer need to hide body odors.  Please, please do not wear perfume or use any kind of artificial scent when you come to play Bridge.  Strong scents can send some of our members to the Emergency Room.  Be aware that three members have requested that this message be included in the Newsletter.




Brian and Kay Richardson were thrilled to achieve the rank of ACBL Life Members during a 2016 summer tournament. Congratulations!




You have two chances to win extra black master-points this month: on Tuesday, Nov. 8th and then again on Thursday, Nov. 17th.




Our club’s traditional Thanksgiving luncheon will be held before the game on Nov. 17thJean Jensen and Ellie and Wayne Goodrich will bring the turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. There will be a sign-up sheet for those able to contribute dressings, rolls, vegetables, cranberry sauce, and desserts.   This is also the date of a Club Championship, so there is the opportunity to win extra masterpoints and get that much closer to the next higher rank.




If Thanksgiving is upon us, can Christmas be far behind?  Wednesday, Dec. 7th is the date for the annual Christmas party, chaired by Anne O’Connell. The beautiful Eagle Creek Clubhouse has again been reserved for this event, but behind the scenes there has been some hard bargaining to keep the price as low as possible.  Your cost will only be $30.00 and that will cover both the luncheon and the Bridge game.




In November the following people have volunteered to make the coffee, set out snacks and clean up afterwards: Bob Hudson on Mondays, Jean Jensen on Tuesdays, Joan Marion on Wednesdays, Janet Dixon on Thursdays, and Joan Coval and Marcia Reff on Fridays. The club loves it when you bring goodies for the table, but please let the host or hostess know so there isn’t any duplication of efforts. The hosts usually arrive at the club at noon to start to set up, so call them before that or at the club after 12:00 PM.