September 2016 Newsletter

Extra Black Point Games


Club Championship Game will be on Monday, September 5th – extra black points.


On September 19th, 21st, and 23rd, we will be playing in the NABC fund raising games. Orlando is the host city of The North American Bridge Championships in November and the ACBL asks for an extra dollar per person to help defray the costs. The September/November Sunshine Bridge News has an article on page 53 about hotels, restaurants, etc. This is the first time in 6 years that Florida has hosted a NABC.




As of November 1st the Hospitality Committee will have different Board members responsible for beverages and snacks for each day of the week.

                        Monday           Bob Hudson                419-261-4980

                        Tuesday           Jean Jensen                  239-434-8761

                        Wednesday     Joan Marion                239-260-7053

                        Thursday         Eunice Muddiman      239-293-5290

                        Friday              Joan Coval                  239-234-5780


If you want to contribute dips, cheeses, fruit, or desserts, please inform the Board member in charge of that day.   A telephone call in the morning will make things go smoother and prevent duplication of effort.  Of course they would appreciate any help you can provide with the set up and/or clean up. As always please make sure that you leave your table and side tables clean.

Thanking you in advance,

Joan Marion

Welcome Back


We look forward to seeing more and more of our friends returning as the weeks go by in September. Hurry back to attend The Southwest Florida Regional Tournament. It begins on September 26th and runs to October 2nd. The Bridge Deck Club will be closed for that week. Start early to find partners for the pair games and for the team games. Below is the schedule.  There is something for everyone.


Free Lessons


Monday, Sept. 26 - Free lesson with Bruce Greenspan from 11:00 to 1:00.  There are Guest Speakers on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:15 to 9:45 AM


Under 20 masterpoint Game


Monday, Sept. 26th - a free “relaxed” game at 2:00 for those of you with less than 20 mp.


299’er Games

Strats:   A = 200 to 300   B =  100 to 200   C = 0 to 100

299’er games (You only have to play in one session) are at 10 AM & 3 PM Tuesday through Saturday.  These games only give black masterpoints. In order to win gold points you have to play in one of the 2-session games.



Under 750 masterpoints

Strats: A = 300 to 750   B = 100 to 300   C = 0 to 100

Florida Gold Rush Pair games are limited to players having less than 750 mp.  Gold Rush pair games are on Wednesday and Friday 10 AM & 3 PM.  Gold Rush Swiss game starts at 10 AM on Sunday, October 2 and is a “play through” game.




Bracketed games give all players an equal chance for gold. Your team’s cumulative masterpoint average determines what bracket you play in. You only play against teams having similar MP holdings. Each bracket starts with 16 teams, the losers of the first session have to drop out leaving 8 teams for the second session, then that reduces to 4 teams and then to just two teams.  The good news is that if you are knockout of Monday’s game, you can start again in Tuesday’s game.  Knockouts are popular because half of the teams in each bracket will win some gold points.


Bracketed 4 Session Knockouts


First set:                      Monday 2 PM & 7:30             Tuesday 10 AM & 3 PM

Second set:                  Tuesday 10 AM & 3 PM        Wednesday 10 AM & 3 PM

Third set:                     Wednesday 10 AM & 3 PM   Thursday 10 AM & 3 PM

Fourth set:                   Thursday 10 AM & 3 PM       Friday 10 AM & 3 PM

Fifth set:                      Friday 10 AM & 3 PM           Saturday 10 AM & 3 PM


Compact 2 Session Bracketed Knockouts


First set                       Tuesday at 7:30                       Wednesday at 7:30

Second set                   Wednesday at 7:30                 Thursday at 7:30

Third set                      Thursday at 7:30                     Friday at 7:30


5 Session Side Games

Play in any 2 of the games in each series for a chance of gold.

            Morning Side games               Tuesday through Saturday at 10 AM

            Afternoon Side games                        Tuesday through Saturday at 3 PM

            Evening Fast games                Tuesday through Saturday at 7:30


2 Session Open Pairs

Strats: A = 2500+        B = 1000 to 2500       C = 0 to 1000

                        First game                               Tuesday – 10AM & 3 PM

                        Second game                           Thursday – 10AM & 3PM

                        Third game                              Saturday – 10 AM & 3 PM


2 Session A/X/Y pairs

Strats: A = 5000+        X = 2500 to 5000       Y = 0 to 2500

                        First game                               Wednesday at 10 AM & 3 PM

                        Second game                           Friday at 10 AM & 3 PM

                        Third game                              Sunday 10 AM  two-session play through


Swiss Team Games


                        2 Session Swiss Game            Monday & Tuesday at 7:30 PM – gold points


                        1 Session Swiss games            Tuesday through Saturday at 3:00 - black points