August 2016 Newsletter

Win Silver points at the STAC (Sectional Tournament at Clubs) games on Aug. 8, 10, 12.

The “Strats” are determined by an average of the pairs:

C - 0 to 750
B - 750 to 2000
A - 2000 and above

All clubs in Unit 128 are eligible to participate so the overall awards, which are based on number of tables, can be quite large. Win extra black points on Wednesday, August 17 – Club Championship Game



It is with great sadness we report the passing on July 26, 2016 of one of our long time members, Charles Huston.  Charles, a lawyer in Mansfield, Ohio, came to Naples to care for his mother, Dr. Mabel Emery. At the birthday party graciously hosted by Sarah Valencia, his second cousin, on July 10, 2016, Charles described how his mother became a physician in the early decades of the 20th century when female doctors were a rarity. In those days not everyone wanted to be treated by a woman, but he laughed when he told how his mother’s practice greatly expanded during WW II when so many of the male doctors left to care for the troops.

Charles graduated with a law degree and worked with distinction in Ohio at his father’s firm. Charles was also an army veteran, an avid sailor, a Bridge Director, a long time Bridge teacher, and always a gentleman at or away from the Bridge table.  He was active as a player and as a teacher in this club’s previous existence under the ownership of Lois McNicol and then under the ownership of Frank Moriarity.  Charles continued to teach, play, and mentor after the members purchased the club in 2001.  He will be warmly remembered at The Bridge Deck Club of Naples.



Thanks to all who helped prepare, supply, or clean up the hospitality table during the month. Numerous people have brought in goodies to help us get our sugar fix during July. If you are able to arrive early and set up the table and plug in the coffee pot during the month of August, please let Joan Marion know. We must all pitch in whenever and however we can.



The next Board Meeting will be on August 10 at 10:45 AM.



Eunice Muddiman, who has been handling the partnership duties since late spring, will be on vacation until about August 20.  Jean Jensen, our club president, will fill in and try to help during her absence.



Claiming can be a time saver, but always clearly state your line of play.  If you are in a suit contract and there is a trump outstanding then you must state that you plan to draw the last outstanding trump and then in what order you will take the remaining tricks. If you are in a Notrump contract, state in what order you plan to take the remaining tricks. Please, do not just lay down your hand and say the rest of the tricks are mine.  Play ceases after a claim or a concession is made.  If any one objects, the Director must be called.