July 2016 Newsletter

Don’t miss the July 4th Holiday Pot Luck luncheon.  Jean Jensen and George Bernstein will supply hot dogs and rolls. If you didn’t sign up during the week of June 26th, send her an email so she knows how many frankfurters to prepare. Many thanks to all who contribute other main dishes, salads, and desserts.

It is so nice to get together in a coopAerative fashion, especially in this fractious political season. Whether you are rebelling or are loyal to England, we will first sit down together in peace and harmony before trying to defeat each other at the Bridge table.



Our Club will be participating in Unit 128’s North American Open Pairs qualifying games on July 11, 13, and 15.  Unit 128’s high scorers then go on to qualifying games playing against winners from the other four Florida Units in October.  Eleven winning pairs from these games will represent Unit 9 at the March 2017 North American National Games in Kansas City.  There are winners in 3 flights (the unlimited A group, 2,500 and below B group, and 500 and below C group.) so everyone has a chance!



If you score 50% or better, you qualify to go on to the next level and best of all – the July NAOP games are Sectionally Rated – so you win triple the points of a normal club game.


Club Championship date is Friday, July 22.  Extra black points are awarded on this day.



Two of our pairs did amazingly well in the Unit 128 STaC games. Abe and Jean Brown won 11.33 silver points on Monday, June 13 coming in 3rd in A with a 67.59% game in a field of 240 Florida tables. On Friday, June 17th Ed Kemitzer and Linda LaPrade won 6.26 silver points coming in 5th in A with a 68.45% game in a field of 230 Florida tables.  Very Impressive! Congratulations to both pairs.


Unfortunately we did not have 5 full tables for the Wednesday STaC week game and because of the ACBL rules the players in small games were only compared to the three other Florida clubs with small table counts.  There were only 15 tables in the field, but we held our heads up high.  Abe and Jean Brown were again in the winner’s circle, 6th in A and 4th in B with a 58.33% game. Joan and Marvin Marion came in 5th in B and 3rd in C with a 57.64% game and Joan Coval and Dorothy Lyons had a 52.08% game.



After a tremendous amount of work and preparation on the part of Bob Parlin and at least a dozen other club members, the Summer Sectional was hosted by our club and The Bridge Center in a cooperative manner. The Thursday morning game had 23 pairs in the Open game and 14 pairs in the 299’er game. Thursday afternoon game had 25 pairs in the Open game and 16 pairs in the 299’er game. Friday’s morning game had 30 pairs and 22. Friday’s afternoon game had 30 and 16.  Congratulations to all the silver point winners and a huge thank you to all who helped with the preparations, hospitality, and clean up.



June’s two sectionals kept our hospitality volunteers busy. Bob Parlin, Bob Hudson, Joan and Marvin Marion, Eunice Muddiman, Mary Ruth Mullin, Staci & George Soloman, Joan Coval, Joan Volkheimer and all the others that brought in all those delights that the doctors tell us to avoid.  Ah, but who has the will power to say no to just one little delicacy or one tiny sliver of Abe’s birthday cake.


If you haven’t taken your turn at being in charge of the hospitality table recently, please contact Joan Marion and give one of the frequent regulars a day off. We have 13 games in the month of July. Ideally we should have 13 different volunteers, one per day.  Cookies and coffee should be enough. Lunch is before Bridge and dinner comes after.



Eunice Muddiman continues to handle partnership calls during these off-season months when even our year round residents take off on vacations, cruisers, and family visits.  Let her know if your regular partner has left you bereft.



As every Director keeps saying, “Bridge is a Timed Event.”  An ACBL game is limited to 7 minutes. If there are 2 boards a round, the clock is set for 13 rounds of 15 minutes (3 hours and 15 minutes).  If there are 3 boards per round, the clock is set for 9 rounds of 21 minutes (3 hours and 9 minutes).  If 4 boards, the clock is set for 7 rounds of 28 minutes (3 hours and 16 minutes).  The director turns on the clock after passing out the boards and giving everyone 2 extra minutes for the first round, so later they have time to enter the ACBL numbers into the Bridge Mates. No one wants to have to follow slow players.  They start the second round 3 minutes into Round 2.  They start the third round 6 minutes into Round 3. They start the fourth round 9 minutes into Round 4.  The director eventually adds minutes, gives a hospitality break and starts everyone in Round 5 at the same time, but guess what? At the end of Round 5, some tables are again not ready to move on.  Ideally we should start at 1:00 and add 10 minutes for a break between Round 5 & Round 6 and finish at 4:20 or 4:25.



We all know the reasons. We sit and talk after each hand rather than starting the next hand.  We talk about what we did wrong or what our partner did wrong.  We justify our bidding by saying in a loud voice that clearly carries to the next two tables, “Well, I had a 6-card suit and we were not vulnerable so I opened 2 Hearts with Jack high.” Or we say, “I had 8 Diamonds headed by the AK and a void in Spades, so opened 3 Diamonds.”  We don’t move the boards to the next table (even in a Howell game, the North-South players are responsible for moving the boards), and when we finish the round and are 5 minutes into the next round we still do not get up and leave; there are still so many things we want to say to our friends.


And then there are the unnecessary Director Calls.

Opening Leads should always be made face down with the query, “Questions, partner?”

Bid when it is your turn. Lead when it is your turn.

State your line of play when you make a claim. Claims save time when they are done correctly.

Face the played cards correctly and neatly. Check to see if your partner and you have faced the cards the same way. If there is a disagreement about the score at the end of a board, it can take many minutes to straighten out. Do you want to play the third board or do you want to spend 7 minutes arguing about the score on the second board?