June 2016 Newsletter

Club Championship Game – An Overall Black Point Game

Monday, June 6th is the date of our monthly Club Championship game.  The ACBL allows clubs to award more points to the winners of this game. The winners of the Club Championship game last month received Overall Points.  On May 18 in an 11 pair Howell game, the Overall Winners received 2.33, 1.75, 1.31 and .98.  Compare those awards to the May 11 game, a 12 pair Howell, where the winners received only 1.20, .84, .60, .45 and .32. 


Sectional Tournaments at Clubs – StaC Games

Earn Silver Points on June 13, June 15, and June 17. Do you need silver points to reach your next level? June 2016 provides you numerous opportunities. Other Clubs will be playing the exact same hands as us. The “field” is larger, so the “Overall Awards” are larger.


Summer Sectional: June 23, 24, and 25. New location for Saturday game.

The Saturday Swiss Team event will be held at The Bridge Center on Golden Gate Parkway.  The Bridge Center has agreed to stay closed on June 23 and 24. We are grateful for their cooperation.


As usual Chairman Bob Parlin is working overtime preparing for this event. The Thursday, June 23rd and Friday, June 24th games will be held in our regular space in The Parish Hall. There will be both open games and 299’er games on both days. Start times are 10 AM and 2:30 PM.  Entries must be purchased in the 45 minutes prior to the game, so arrive in plenty of time to buy yours.  Usually there are two lines: one for the Open Game and one for the 299’er game.  Make sure you get on the correct line. One person has to purchase the two entries for the pair games on Thursday and Friday and one person has to purchase the entry for all four members of the team game on Saturday. Decide ahead of time which partner will make the purchase.  That person needs to know how many masterpoints his teammates have. Your stratum will be decided by the average of the team’s masterpoints.

Entry Fee for pair games is $11.00 per person, per session.  Lunch is $5.00

Entry Fee for team game is $100.00 per team. Lunch for 4 included.


Help Needed

Caddies are needed for the Saturday Sectional and help is needed to straighten up each day after the games. Hospitality assistance is, as always, needed and appreciated. There is a sign-up sheet at the Bridge Club.


Need a Partner for the Open Game?          Call Glenda Armstrong at 239-963-7470

Need a partner for the 299’er Game?         Call Betsy Bunting at 239-692-9055


Bridge Abbreviations

Val Covalciuc in a March 2007 Bridge Bulletin article explained the meaning of the OC, OB, OA, and SC, SB, SA abbreviations that follow a masterpoint award.  “The “O” indicates an overall award, and the “S” means you placed in your section. The A, B, and C indicate the stratum in which you won masterpoints. You might be third in A, second in B and first in C. The mp award you receive will be the largest of the three. No, you do not get to add them all together.  It is very likely that the greatest mp award will come from placing third in the A stratum.”