May 2016 Newsletter

Report on Spring Sectional


It is truly my privilege to offer my appreciation as president of the Board of Governors of this bridge club's recent Sectional tournament...especially the tireless organizer, Nancy Trice.  The members helped make the three days memorable and extremely successful.  The volunteerism is incredible and constant and never reserved for special occasions.  Thanks to all for electing me to preside and thanks to everyone who attended. - Jean Jensen


As tournament chair for Bridge Deck’s Spring Sectional I want to personally thank and acknowledge Janet and Ken Dixon, Nancy Driscoll, and Bob Parlin for their amazing hard work to help make this tournament a success. I want to thank Joan Coval for her lovely flower arrangements and to thank the 61 club members who supported this tournament with their generous donations and wonderful array of delicious food. THANK YOU! Nancy Trice


This year the tournament hosted 256 tables which was an increase of 57 tables from last year. 


News for May


It was a very busy and successful season with excellent Bridge attendance 5-days a week, but all good things do come to an end. Starting May 2nd we are dropping the Tuesday and Thursday games.  We will miss all our Canadian and Northern friends and partners and we will miss directors, Donna Lyons and Alan Waters. In May Tony Cipolla will be directing on Mondays, Marcia Reff on Wednesdays and Ellie Goodrich on Fridays.  We hope to see all who “Stay in May” at the club on those days.


The Bridge Deck Club will be closed on May 20th. The Bridge Center on Golden Gate Parkway is holding a Sectional that weekend. Our relations with the Bridge Center have always been excellent. They were the only Naples Club to close during our Sectional and in reciprocity we close during theirs.


Club Championship Game will be on May 18.  As always this is a chance to earn extra black matchpoints.


Education Report: The Standard American Bidding & Conventions course lasted 13 weeks – January through the first week in April. Twenty-eight people attended 1 to 5 classes, ten attended 6 to 10 classes and 2 attended 12 of the 13 weeks.


Bob Parlin offered a number of free Chalk Talks before the Thursday games.  These were certainly appreciated by our members who attended,


The Chat Game had 17 tables during an 8-week period. Some of the people attending the lessons and Chat Game already play at the BDC and, hopefully, others will be playing next season. The educational program will resume in October after The Naples Regional.


Outreach:  We reach new students (and new players) by ads in the Naples Daily News, a listing in the church’s weekly calendar, our club’s website, and by emails to members and past students. Newspaper ads are extremely expensive - over a thousand dollars a week for 3 moderate size ads. This expense has been greatly reduced by the ACBL’s cooperative advertising program. In past years the ACBL has reimbursed us 750.00 for each ad campaign. Unfortunately this is being reduced to 500.00 so we will all need to work harder to publicize our educational opportunities to club members and to future club members. Any advertising suggestions would be appreciated.


Meet Charles (Chuck) Young, a Member of Your Board of Governors


            When I met Marsha about 8 years ago we discovered we shared a mutual

            interest in bridge although neither of us had played any significant amount

            of duplicate.   We began playing at local clubs about once a week.  We joined

            the ACBL in 2010. After I retired about 5 years ago we started playing more

            frequently, 2-3 times a week.   Prior to retirement I was an attorney, practicing

            law in the Boston/ Greater Boston area for 42 years.


            When we first came to Naples, about 7 years ago, we first played duplicate at

            the Bridge Center, but were disappointed with the experience.  We discovered

            the Bridge Deck, liked it, and became members after a year.   As we became

            more familiar with the members we enjoyed it even more.


            My other interests include fly fishing, primarily for trout, golf, the New England

            Patriots, and the Red Sox.


Summer Partnership Chairman: Eunice Muddiman has graciously agreed to handle Partnership calls during the “off season.”  We all know how hard Janet Dixon worked to find partners for visitors and club members and how thankless this job could be.  People call at all hours, sometimes only hours before a game is to start.  Janet would make a dozen phone calls to find them a partner. Then either they wouldn’t show up or they would show up with a partner!

Please, club members should use the club’s directory to find their own partners. If you don’t know who is in town, look on the Bridge Deck Club’s website in “game results.” There you can see who is playing in the summer games.  Of course if you are available and willing to play with a new partner, let Eunice know.


                                      Looking Ahead

The Bridge Deck Club will host a Summer Sectional - June 23 to June 25


Thursday, June 23rd  Open Game and a 299’er game - 10 AM and 2:30

Friday, June 24th       Open Game and a 299’er Game - 10 AM and 2:30

Saturday, June 15th   Swiss Teams - play though, starting at 10 AM