March 2016 Newsletter

February was a busy month at the Bridge Deck Club.  The three Friday 299’er games were well-attended averaging 10 tables per game. The Friday Open Games on those same days averaged 17 tables per game.  The ”Eight is Enough” Swiss Team Game was a roaring success with 26 tables. Four afternoon games (3 on Mondays and 1 on Wednesday) were so well attended that they had to be divided into two sections. In addition many people took advantage of our educational programs, attending Bob Parlin’s Chalk Talks before the Thursday game or Joan Coval’s Chat Game on Wednesday mornings, or Marcia Reff’s Bidding and Convention lessons on Monday mornings. Monday’s Bridge lessons and Thursday’s Chalk Talks will continue in the month of March and in April as long as there is a demand.

Notice: Wednesday’s Chat Games have ended for the season.


March Specials


Monday, March 7ACBL Wide Senior Pairs Game. Players will be playing these hands all over the country. See how you rank against others in your masterpoint category.  Extra masterpoints are awarded for placing in this game at the club level and at other levels.

Fridays, March 4, 11 and 25299’er game and Open game

Thursday, March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon.  Come early and enjoy some corned beef and cabbage prepared and provided by Janet Dixon.  The club will need some Irish soda bread, a potato dish, and a few desserts.  Please contact Janet so we don’t get too much or too little of any one item.

Friday, March 18 - Sharks and Minnows Game. Grab a Life Master player and sign up on the poster. Check the poster and see who does not have a partner or call Janet Dixon and tell her you are looking for a partner. There are over 50 Life Masters listed in our roster book. (Look for the star next to their name. Unfortunately some players who have achieved that ranking recently do not have their star.)

Wednesday, March 23 – Club Championship Game.  Extra points are awarded in Championship Games




REVOKES or How To Lose Two Tricks Without Really Trying

Revoking is not fun so hold your cards so you can see all of them and be careful.   A good partner will ask, “No, spades partner?” and prevent a revoke. The Declarer can just put the misplayed card back in his hand.  Unfortunately, for the defensive side, the exposed card becomes a major penalty card.  It remains on the table and must be played at the first legal opportunity whether following suit, leading or discarding.

The Revoke becomes established (and can not be corrected) when the offender – or his partner – names, leads or plays to the next trick.

So a few tricks after the event, you discover (or think that you have discovered) that one of your opponents has revoked.  You call the director and suddenly there is bedlam. Everyone has something to say including the Dummy who has forgotten that he is called a Dummy, not because of his IQ, but because he is supposed to remain silent.

The Director may want to see the trick on which the revoke was purported to occur. Why is it so difficult to get all the players to turn over the fifth trick from the beginning or the sixth trick from the end?  Don’t touch the opponent’s cards! Don’t argue!  Just turn over the requested card in your row of cards.

If the player who revoked did not win that trick there is no penalty, even if his partner did and that rule includes the dummy’s hand. If the offending side won at least one trick afterwards, then there is a one trick penalty. The only time you lose two tricks is when the player who revoked won the trick on which he revoked and his side won another trick later in that hand. (Law 64)


Law 65 C  Orderliness


Each player arranges his own cards in an orderly overlapping row in the sequence played, so as to permit review of the play… (or to determine if there has been a revoke)


Law 65 D.  Agreement on Results of Play


A player should not disturb the order of his played hand until agreement has been reached on the number of tricks won. A player who fails to comply with … this law jeopardizes his right to claim ownership of doubtful tricks or to claim (or to deny) a revoke.


Refreshment Table


Many thanks to our volunteer hosts and hostesses for the hot coffee, ice tea and the abundant and varied healthy (and deliciously) unhealthy snacks. Thanks also to Joan Coval for the lovely floral arrangements that frequently decorate the refreshment area. 

The club is asking all our active members – winter time or year round - to volunteer one day a month to set up the refreshment table.  This involves arriving at 12:00 to plug in the coffee machine and get supplies from the closet and refrigerator.  You can bring something from home, Costco, or your favorite food store to add to the refreshment table.  Money that is placed in the “Kitty” bank is used to buy basic supplies and we thank all those who contribute in that way.


New Membership Books


Don’t forget to pick up your new 2016 Club Rosters with the bright orange covers.  Check your name.  If you have an email and it wasn’t listed please send it to George Bernstein or to Marcia Reff and it will be added to the records.  Sometimes it is hard to read handwriting or errors are made on our side.  Email addresses that bounced back were dropped from the 2016 roster. Corrections and information about new members will be published in April’s BDC newsletter.


Meet your Board Members


Staci Solomon, Bridge Deck Club Secretary

How I got into bridge.

I played party bridge before I met George but not very seriously.

I met George online and we had many discussions about our values, likes and dislikes, etc.

Then we each made a list of various criteria, which we considered important. You should have seen his list!! I fit almost every one and even fudged a bit on one...had to like bridge! The rest is history!