January 2016 Newsletter

January started off with a firework’s display on the beach and a fourteen-table game at The Bridge Deck Club. The hospitality table was groaning with appetizers and desserts.   The competition was not only for the best Bridge score (it was a Club Championship game), but also for the most fabulous hors d’oeuvre.   Our thanks to all who contributed to the food and drinks and to the hospitality committee for their organizing and planning work.

Speaking of food, thanks to all our members who are volunteering to make the coffee and set up the tables so no one feels faint from hunger or thirst during the game.  Thanks also to our supervisors, Joan Marion and Jan Dixon, to our shoppers, Bob Hudson and Bob Parlin, and to Joan Coval for her artistic flower arrangements.  We need 20 volunteers during January so check the calendar on the bulletin board.   All the days have to be covered.  If you have never done this before, someone will show you how and help you.




The church is using the Parish Hall for their Second Time Around Sale on January 16, 2016 and they need to prepare the Hall on Thursday and Friday.  This means we will be using the Ministry Building on the other side of the street for our Bridge games on January 14 and January 15.




Your membership in the Bridge Deck Club runs for a calendar year (January 1st to January 1st), although new members who join in the fall receive some free bonus months.  The yearly membership is only $25.00 and that entitles you to play in the afternoon games for $8.00 (non-members pay $10.00) or to take Bridge lessons for $10.00 (non-members pay $12.00) and to vote for the Board.  Membership also comes with some responsibilities –by volunteering to serve on a committee or on the Board, and to help out, if you are physically capable, by throwing away old coffee cups and food plates. Membership books for 2016 will be published in February. Please make sure we have your correct email and telephone number.




The second Club Championship game of January will be on Tuesday, January 19. As always you earn extra match points in this game.


299er GAME


Starting Friday, Jan. 29th at 1 PM we will have a 2-section game: one will be for those in the 0 to 299 master point range and the other in the 300 and above range.




Starting Tuesday, February 2nd there will be a Swiss Team game on the first Tuesday of every month.




Bob Parlin will discuss bidding and play topics before Thursday’s games at 12:00 beginning January 21, 2016.  You may submit a topic of interest for Bob to consider. Submit your ideas to the President, Jean Jensen.


Meet your new Board President  - B. (Beverly) Jean Jensen

A good ole’ girl from Baltimore who pursued all things that pleased her, challenged her, and made her thankful for all her achievements – among them working for the disabled benefits division at Social Security; learning about the space age and the sea with Jacques Cousteau and his studies with the under sea bathysphere while at The Martin Company and finally 17 years at Notre Dame Prep school as Administrator of a 500 student body of girls – the most rewarding and fun of any job.

My son, the engineer who soon will be moving to the west coast of Florida, has inspired me to bring enhancements to the club as president by introducing new and different things and to be open to all suggestions – suggestions rendered by a few often brings variety to many.

Having moved here permanently in July with my husband, Barry, and Maltese Reggie, the big change for me is the seasons.  I will miss them.  I have surrogate family here at the bridge club and I am truly thankful for that.




The defensive team has the first salvo of the game, so why give it away to the declarer? An opening lead should be made face down while asking, “Any questions partner?” This way you will never hear that dreaded call, “Director, please,” nor have to listen to the director rattle off the declarer’s 5 options.

  • Declarer can accept the lead and become the dummy.
  • Declarer can accept the lead and see the dummy prior to playing to the first trick.
  • Declarer can refuse the lead and require the proper opening leader to lead that suit. (The incorrect opening lead will be picked up.)
  • Declarer can refuse the lead and require the proper opening leader not to lead that suit for as long as he retains the lead. (The incorrect opening lead will be picked up.)
  • Declarer can refuse the lead and allow the proper opening leader to lead anything he chooses; the original lead becomes a penalty card that stays on the table and must be played at the first legal opportunity.


The last three of these options are also given if, during the play of the game, there is a defensive lead out of turn.




The Bridge Deck Club ran an ad for three days in the Naples Daily News during the week of January 3rd.   The ad also ran in the Collier Citizen and in The Current on Saturday, January 9th.   The ad was for the club’s regular games, the Monday lessons on Standard Bidding and Conventions, and Wednesday’s Chat Game.

My Bidding and Conventions course is designed for those with under 100 master points. Joan Coval’s Chat Game is designed for those wanting to play in a social atmosphere.  As we all know there are many social Bridge players who are nervous about playing in a duplicate game. And unfortunately for some, their first experience in a duplicate club can be unnerving and unpleasant.  Joan and I are trying to prepare these social players to join the ranks of duplicate players.  When new players come to play, put on your best company manners.  Don’t expect them to know all the rules. Don’t call the director for inconsequence errors.  Help them learn and enjoy the game.  Remember Bridge is a game; it should be fun for everyone. 

I am please to say that 22 people attend the January 11th lesson on Weak Two’s.

If you know social Bridge players who want to play and perhaps eventually switch to the duplicate game, please tell them about our Wednesday, Chat Game at 9:30.

Cost is $8.00

If you know players who want to improve their bidding, please tell them about the Monday class. It starts at 9 AM.  Cost is $12.00 for non-members. $10.00 for club members.




Joan Voekheimer will be organizing this game pairing a Life Master with a non-Life Master on Friday, March 18, 2016




Bob Parlin will be organizing this game to be held on Tuesday, February 19, 2016 Stay tuned for details.