December 2015 Newsletter

The month started off with a delicious Christmas luncheon and a 16-table Bridge game at The Eagle Creek Country Club.  The party was organized by George Solomon, with the leadership of Event Chair Joan Volkheimer, assisted by Mary Ruth Mullin.  Club members Helena & John (Fuzzy) Yurconic, residents of Eagle Creek, not only provided festive music, but also picked up the bar tab.  We owe them a huge thank you.  Thanks also to all the members who helped organize the event and lugged the computer, printer, boards, bidding boxes, and Bridgemates there and back.

The BDC’s annual meeting was held at the Christmas party and a new, ten-person Board was elected by acclamation. Thanks were offered to the retiring members, Ken Dixon, George Solomon, Angie Maranger, Bob Parlin, Nancy Trice, Joan Volkheimer, and Helena Yurconic, for their service to the club.


2016 Board of the Bridge Deck Club of Naples


  • Jean Jensen, President
  • Joan Marion, Vice President
  • Staci Solomon, Secretary
  • Joan Coval, Treasurer
  • George Solomon, Club Manager


  • George Bernstein
  • Janet Dixon
  • Ellie Goodrich
  • Bob Hudson
  • Rich Price
  • Chuck Young


Partnership Chairman

Janet Dixon will, once again, be on hand as Partnership Chairman, finding partners for visitors and new members – not an easy job but one she does very well. Please let her know if you are available and willing to partner new people or act as a substitute partner when someone has to miss a game.


Coffee and Refreshments

The club has returned to its past practice of having volunteers make the coffee and prepare refreshments. This will result in a substantial financial saving. Joan Marvin and Janet Dixon, our cleaning dervishes, straightened and organized our closet and refrigerator. Bob Hudson and Bob Parlin will act as our purchasing agents for basic supplies. Volunteers are requested to sign up for one day a month.  They will need to arrive 45 minutes before the game to make the coffee and prepare the tables. If you are new to the job, someone will assist you. Cleaning up after the game takes about 15 to 20 minutes. If you wish to be reimbursed for any food supplies, please submit your bills to the Treasurer.


52 Tables for STAC Week

December 7th through December 18th was STAC (Sectional Tournaments at Clubs) Week. Winners in these games are awarded Silver Points. Our club results are posted on our website. During STAC week our members’ results are compared to others in Florida Unit 128 to establish the overall results for the tournament. The overall results will be posted on our bulletin board at the beginning of the third week in December.


Our next Club Championship Game will be on Thursday, December 31.
As usual you can earn more Black Points when you win in a Club Championship Game.


Educational Program continues in 2016

Classes on Standard American Conventions and Bidding will be on Mondays 9:00 to 11:30 AM starting on January 11. Many topics will be covered such as: balancing bids, negative doubles, 1430 Keycard Blackwood, Michael’s, Unusual NT, and lead- directing doubles.                   

Leader: Marcia Reff                                    $10.00 for BDC members, $12.00 for guests


Chat Games for those new to duplicate and/or for those who want a more informal game will be on Wednesdays 9:30 to 11:30 AM.   Brief lessons will be given as various subjects come up or as wanted by the participants.

Leader: Joan Coval                                      $8.00 a game


Do you enjoy teaching?

We need someone with good people skills to teach those who want to add the Two Over One conventions to their basic Standard American system.