January 2015 Newsletter

Dear fellow bridge club players:

As you are probably aware, Wayne resigned as Club Manager on July 31st, and I was  appointed interim manager until the  Board of Governors met in October and officially appointed me Club Manager.

Wayne immediately presented me with two pages of duties I am expected to accomplish or supervise.  The most important or immediate duties included liaison with the church office to insure our financial obligations are met and that the hall is ready to play each day, and to supervise the publishing of the 2015 Member Directory.

This leads me to the main purpose of this letter.  Staci and I have been members of the club for four years and our information has never been correct in the directory.  Our goal this year is for the directory to be published "on time and 100% correct". To accomplish this the committee is requesting that we all complete the Renewal of Membership form  and return it as soon as possible to Angie Maranger or me.  Dues have not increased.  Life membership requires a one-time payment of $250 and annual dues are $25. Name badges are $10.  Note that if you select life membership you need not worry about dues ever again.  Currently we have 24 Life Members.

The Bridge Deck Club, like many service or social organizations  today, is in need of money to meet our many obligations.  We are open to any suggestions addressing possible solutions to this problem.  Marcia Giovannangeli has initiated a 50/50 raffle that is conducted Mondays and Fridays each week. Half the money goes to the winner, half to the club.The first three raffles generated $186 for the club.  The 2014 tax year is  rapidly coming to an end. If you feel the need to endow an organization we would welcome "any and all" donations with open arms. Don't forget the money-generating ideas. The Board is open to any and all suggestions.

If you have any problems or concerns relating to the club, our relationship with  the church, or our daily operations please contact  me directly.  I can be reached by e-mail (staci425- at -yahoo.com), at home at 239-304-9490 or on my cell at 603-548-9672.  Thank you for your continued support of our club. I will endeavor to communicate with the membership on a monthly basis.


George Solomon

Club Manager