May 2014 Newsletter

We start off May after a very eventful April, capped by a 200-table sectional, the best attended event for this club in recent memory. Chairperson Nancy Trice did another fantastic job; she wishes to thank all who helped:


“When you are writing the newsletter please include these people who worked on making the tournament such a great success - they are in alphabetical order: Janice Austerman, Syd Blum, Nancy Buck, Joan Coval, Janet and Ken Dixon, Nancy Driscoll, Ellie and Wayne Goodrich, Bob Parlin, George and Staci Solomon, Joan Volkheimer, Helen Yurconic - and all the wonderful members of The Bridge Deck Club who provided various food items throughout the three day event - they are all truly amazing.



The May calendar is now available on our website. Please observe following:

  • No games on Thursday through the summer.
  • There will be a game this coming Tuesday, May 6th. Depending on turnout, we will decide whether or not to continue Tuesdays for another week or two. We will send an e-mail out after the Tuesday game, and also change the voice message at the club.
  • We will be closed Friday, May 16th because of the Sectional at Naples Bridge Center on that date.
  • A really huge “thank you” to Janet Dixon for the incredible job she has done on partnerships!
    Our attendance is up, in no small part because of her work in this very important area. While
    Janet is away for the summer, others will be helping out. Call Wayne or Ellie to find out who to
  • Don’t forget our June Sectional, chaired by Bob Parlin. (Flyer Now Available)


Newsletter: Nancy Buck

President: Ken Dixon

Club Managers: Wayne and Ellie Goodrich 239-417-1128