April 2014 Newsletter

April already!  Where did the winter go?  Many of our members have headed North, so for some of them winter may still exist!  But we wish all of you safe travels and speedy returns next fall.

The Club's final Saturday game was March 29th with 7 tables - a friendly relaxed time.  A lot of good-byes were said there as a few more friends headed off to other climes.

The Club's "Eight Is Enough" game was held March 13th with 19 teams participating.  The game ran smoothly with Donna Lyons directing and Bob Parlin very competently running the event.  Congratulations to the following teams:


First Place:
Ellie and Wayne Goodrich, Bill Proctor, and Lou Scheffer

Second Place:
Ross Lounsbury, Mary Anne Pickett, Sue Kluger, and Lynn Gonchar 


Our Spring Sectional Tournament will be held April 23, 24, and 25th with an afternoon Swiss Team game on the 23rd at 1pm.  Thursday and Friday will have both morning and afternoon pairs games at 10 AM and 2:30 PM with a purchased lunch available both days.  Prizes will be awarded to winners!  There are flyers available at the Club about the tournament - please share with fellow bridge players.  The event is stratified - all levels of play are welcome, and silver points will be awarded. Nancy Trice is chairing the event and would love to hear from volunteers (food, set-up, caddying, etc.). You can reach her at 239-394-8773 or dtrice@mchsi.com.  Janet Dixon can help with partnerships or getting a team together.  She can be reached at 937-361-1225.

Our June Sectional will be held June 5, 6, and 7 with Bob Parlin chairing the event.  Please mark your calendars and spread the word.  More information will be available on the Club's website (bridgedeckclub.org) and in future newsletters.

The Club's need for directors continues.  Please consider the possibility if this is something you have ever thought about.  Ellie Goodrich has all the information - She can be reached at  239-417-1128 or legood@comcast.net.

Kudos to Janet Dixon for her incredibly efficient job at creating partnerships.  She meets, greets, and welcomes players with great warmth as they arrive at the Club.  Several new partnerships have been created as well as new friendships.

And many thanks to Syd Blum for the wonderful food the Club has enjoyed all winter.  As the Club's attendance winds down this spring, so will the food offerings.  Hopefully next winter, we can scale the refreshments back up.

Reminders: Cell phones must be off or on vibrate.

Please remember to check around your table at the end of the game and throw your trash away.  This is a member-owned club, and everyone's help is needed and appreciated!

Be Kind To one another, and please keep Ken and Janet Dixon in your thoughts this coming week.

Nancy Buck, Editor