February 2014 Newsletter
Our club is in full swing this winter with old friends returning and many new ones joining us. This year's new directory goes to the printer next week and will soon be available at the club.

Lots of "stuff" going on at this great old club this month!

We're expecting to have a big game that Saturday since the Naples Bridge Center will be not be holding a game that day because of a guest lecturer. This will be wonderful opportunity for players of all skills to earn points! In addition to our regular pairs game, there will be a novice game (less than 100 master points ). It will be a Club Championship as well - that means lots of extra points awarded. GAME TIME FOR ALL EVENTS IS 11:00 AM! Bring a bag lunch…..we will take a break between 12:30 and 1:00. The club will supply additional refreshments. Director: Nan Burford

The week of Feb. 10th is STAC Week - all points awarded will be silver. Friday of STAC Week is Valentine's Day and there will be special food and snacks thanks to Staci and George Solomon.

The club is planning a repeat of last year's "Sharks and Minnows" game. A sign-up sheet will be posted at the club. The plan is to match Life Masters with players who are novices, beginners, and those generally less experienced. Please consider being part of what was a fun experience last year! The game is of course open to everyone, not just the shark-minnow participants. Joan Volkheimer has agreed to organize this.


"Eight Is Enough" Swiss Team Game
"A" players ( 1500 pts. or more ) = 3
"B" players ( 750 - 1499 pts. ) = 2
"C" players ( less than 750 pts. ) = 1

A team can be made up of any combination that adds up to no more than a total of eight. For instance: there could four "B" players, two "A" and two "C" players, etc. Bob Parlin is organizing the game and will also be directing. Please try to organize your own team, but you can call Janet Dixon if you need help completing a foursome.

Cell phones must be turned off or on "silent" mode. This is an ACBL rule as well as a club rule. Don't forget to check your area after the game for trash, etc. Some members almost always stay to help with picking up, doing dishes, and putting away various items. Everyone doing a small part makes the clean-up easier for all involved.

We've added quite a few new members this year. Please be cordial and welcoming - a pleasant environment adds greatly to everyone's enjoyment of the game. Attendance so far this year is better than last year. Let's do all we can to continue the trend. A very big “Thank You” to Janet Dixon for putting players together. Her efforts have contributed greatly to our increasing numbers.

The club is looking for additional directors. Two of our best have left us for very positive reasons: one moved to another part of Florida and another wished to devote more time to teaching. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please speak to Ellie Goodrich.

The directors work hard running the game - please be courteous to them. Call them during the game for any questions.

Thanks to all of you who helped make 2013 a successful year. Generous donations made possible the purchase of the BridgeMates, a new printer/copier, a PA system, and the cleaning of all our chairs. And many thanks to Ellie and Wayne Goodrich, Bob Parlin, and Syd Blum for all the extra work they do for the Club. Special thanks to Angie Maranger for all the extra effort she has put in on the soon-to-be published Membership Directory!

Don't forget to visit the Club's website  bridgedeckclub.org for event calendars, directions, contact info, game results, etc.


Nancy Buck: Editor

Ken Dixon: President

Game day phone: 262-5334

Partnerships: 331-8803

Directions and general information: 417-1128