January 2014 Newsletter
The Annual Christmas luncheon and game was attended by many club members and visitors. Anne O'Connell arranged for us to enjoy the hospitality/ambiance of the Eagle Creek Country Club dining room for our game. After four consecutive years of chairing this event Anne is taking a well-deserved holiday. We are seeking another club member to chair this event in 2014. If interested, talk to one of our directors.

A new Board of Directors was elected at the Christmas luncheon. The new Board: Nancy Buck, Joan Coval, Ken Dixon, Angie Maranger, Bob Parlin, George Solomon, Nancy Trice, Joan Volkheimer and Helena Yurconic. Syd Blum will continue doing hospitality and Janet Dixon will continue in her role as Partnership Chair. Ellie Goodrich will stay on as Head Director and Wayne will manage the affairs of the club. Many thanks to outgoing board members Betty Barter, Tom Urso and Glenda Armstrong.

We have lost two game directors in the last month. Keith and his wife have relocated to west central Florida. Tom Urso has returned to his first love, teaching bridge. Thanks fellows for your time with us! If you know anyone who might be interested in directing, please give Ellie their names.

We enjoy the snacks and drinks that Syd prepares for us daily. He also appreciates it when players contribute items to the table. Syd welcomes both prepared and “to be prepared” contributions. Thanks, Syd, for the job you do.

At the suggestion of a valued long-time member, a “straw poll” was taken regarding daily game starting times. (12:30 PM was suggested) Eighty-three forms were submitted, 52 voting to retain the 1:00 PM starting time. Game time will remain at 1:00 PM.

At the April meeting the board decided to stop including previous board results and percentages on the Bridgemates. Why? It was the feeling that there was too much loud discussion of the results, allowing other players to hear, and it was causing dissension among partners and, often, inappropriate celebration of success. Result: slowing the game. The Board has not implemented the change as yet, but if such behavior continues, the Bridgemate hand information option will be reduced.

President: Ken Dixon

Partnerships: Janet Dixon 331-8803

Other information: 417-1128