November 2013 Newsletter
Itʼs now November 18th ---- where did the summer go? A brief newsletter was posted on the website in September, but hopefully this will be a more complete update of events at the Club.

Games are now being held five days a week - Monday through Friday. This Friday there were 14½ tables populated with many familiar faces. Cost to play is $7.00 for members and $9.00 for non-members. Special games in the future will cost a bit more, depending on the event. Annual memberships are now being collected - $25.00 for member renewals and $35.00 for new members (earns a Club name badge).  Many thanks to Ellie and Wayne Goodrich, Syd Blum, and Bob Parlin for their efforts over the summer in keeping the club alive and well.

This Thursday (November 21st) is the Thanksgiving party. Angie Maranger is providing the turkey.  Others can bring additional dishes. Call Angie (352-1267) or just show up with anything you’d like to contribute.

The Clubʼs annual Christmas luncheon is scheduled for December 4th at the Eagle Creek Country Club. Anne OʼConnell is in charge of the guest list - the cost for the event is $25.00. Please contact her if you would like to attend. Signup sheets at the game daily.  We’d like to see all of you there.  At that time the Nominating Committee will announce their slate for this coming  yearʼs Board of Governors.

One of our directors and teachers, Keith Kersch, and his wife Gloria, will be moving to west central Florida where they have bought property. His last directing game was Monday.  We will miss Keith’s quiet competence and skill: an excellent director.  Best wishes to him and Gloria in their new home!

Donna Lyons, an experienced director, has joined our club. She will be working Mondays and occasionally other days.   Welcome, Donna!

Janet and Ken Dixon are back from the chilly North, and Janet is again in charge of partnerships. Please call her at 239-331-8803 if you are looking to play on a certain day.  Janet goes out of her way to arrange pairings even at the last minute, but please try to give her a heads-up as early as possible.
By now most members are familiar with the electronic scoring devices, but sometimes too much time can be taken discussing results. Please try to review these as quietly and quickly as possible in order to allow the game to proceed in a timely manner.

Some members of the Board of Governors met informally last week and brought up several new items. The full Board will meet this week on Wednesday.  Some items discussed:

We have sought bids on a speaker (microphone) system for game-day directing. Properly used, the system would reduce the noise level by allowing the directors to speak quietly rather than having to raise their voices.

One other concept:  We want to know your opinion on changing the starting time to 12:30 PM, rather than 1:00 o’clock.   Please give your thoughts on this to Ken, Wayne, Ellie or any of the directors.  Just talking stages on this………
A final note:

Cell phones need to be off or set on “mute” or “vibrate” during the game. Penalties can be assessed, and none of us wants that to happen.

A reminder:

Please be welcoming to newcomers and returning members, and be pleasant to all.
Submitted by Nancy Buck, Secretary