May 2013 Newsletter
Itʼs already May 5th, and this newsletter is a bit late.

Our sectional, held April 17th-19th, was a great success due to the terrific job Nancy Trice did in both the planning and execution of all the various issues involved in such an event. Many thanks to her and to the many volunteers who assisted in setting up, donating food, cleaning up, serving as caddies, etc.

The Clubʼs next sectional (Sizzling Summer Sectional) will be held June 6th-8th. The flyer for the tournament can be viewed on the club website Bob Parlin is in charge. Please let him know if you can help in any way -- food, set-up, caddies, etc.

Our ranks have dwindled as many club members (including this writer) have headed north for the summer. We wish you safe travels and a speedy return. You will all be missed.

The clubʼs weekly game schedule will depend on attendance during the summer. Please check the website or call the club (239-262-5334 or 239-417-1128) if you have any questions.

Our partnership chairperson, Janet Dixon, will not be available after May 7th. She and Ken head north. Janet has done an absolutely remarkable job in pairing up players -- often at the last minute! Many, many thanks to both her and Ken for always being available. Please try to get your own partners this summer or call the club - numbers listed above.

A few new game directors have been interviewed, and we are hopeful to have some new faces joining our regular staff by summer’s end.

Something to think about: Staci and George Solomon are trying to put together a trip to Greece for club members sometime in 2014. Obviously they know the country well, and Staci used to be a travel agent!

Happy spring and summer everyone!

Newsletter Editor: Nancy Buck
President: Ken Dixon