February 2013 Newsletter
It's already Feb. 4th - the month is well underway, and there are a couple of events that need to be on everyone's calendar.

First : The week of Feb. 18th through the 23rd is STAC week. Games will be played at our usual time, but all master points awarded are  "silver" points. Game scores are compared across the state, so a really good game could earn quite a few points.

Second : On Feb. 28th, our second "Eight is Enough" Swiss Team game will take place. Each "A" player counts as 3, "B" players count as 2, and "C" players count as 1. Therefore, a team of four might include four B players, or two A and two C players - any combination that adds up to eight or less. There is a sign-up sheet at the club; the cost is $30 per team, and there will be prizes for first and second place.

Please call or e-mail Angie Maranger to volunteer your help with food and setup. 239-352-1267. amaranger@hotmail.com

Membership is always open, but the deadline for inclusion in this year’s directory has passed. New members are always welcome, as well as late renewals.

A big "Thank You" to all those who contributed to the purchase of the Bridgemates. They're actually fun and easy to use except for the occasional glitch. Some of the contributions were given in memory of Jennie Heiser and Paul Goldman.

Make sure to include our Sectional Tournament in your schedule. April 17th through April 19th. More information about this will be forthcoming. Tournament Fliers are available at the club.

We're all delighted to see Ellie back at the club after a nasty bout with the shingles.

There will be a Board of Director's meeting on the eleventh of February at 10:45 AM. All are welcome to attend.

The Club's website has lots of information regarding events, game results, relevant contacts, previous newsletters, etc.

Call the club during game hours at 239-262-5334, after hours at 239-417-1128

Newsletter Editor:  Nancy Buck                                                                                         President:  Ken Dixon