October 2012 Newsletter
October is an exciting month for us. Many of our friends are returning from the north.   It is great to see them back!
October is also a busy month with lots of match-point opportunities. We will continue with our Monday-Wednesday-Friday format through October 12th, close done, as we always do, for the Regional at the Waldorf Astoria, and reopen Monday the 22nd, playing from that date on five days a week. What’s more, that week will be Club Appreciation Week, with lots of extra match-points at no extra charge! Club Championship will be on the 30th.
Please plan to play on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and get those games up to speed quickly!
We hope to have Charles Huston back at the table soon after an extended hospital stay. Jean Jensen’s husband, Barry, is likewise hospitalized, suffering from an apparent stroke, but on the mend.
Lots of calls for partnerships!  Call Ellie or Wayne at 417-1128.
Our Education chairperson, Marcia Reff, will be starting weekly lessons on October 29th.  Call Marcia at 775-8460 for details.
One delicate matter: we have had a few  complaints from asthmatics and others suffering from allergy-related problems about strong after-shave and perfume. If you routinely wear one of those, please consider toning it down a little, please.
We have the security of a new two-year contract with the church, and they are in the process of doing a lot of cosmetic improvements on the facility.
Visit the club website for more info: bridgedeckclub.org   See you at the table.