April 2012 Newsletter



April 2012                                           Editor – Liz Saxon


It’s April and all the flower shrubs in Naples are abloom.  Our snowbirds are beginning to head north – we wish them a safe trip and good health until we see them next fall.  Bridge Deck is hosting a silver point sectional for Seniors and Non-Life-Masters (which includes almost all of our membership) April 18, 19 and 20th at the St. Peter’s Parish Hall.  Yes, it’s Wednesday, Thursday and Friday if you haven’t looked at a calendar.  The tournament will begin with a single session Swiss Team (that’s four matches) Wednesday afternoon.  Thursday and Friday will each have two single session pair games, starting at 10 am and again at 2:30 pm.  If you need silver points it’s a great way to win some.  Two weeks later there will be another silverpoint sectional at Naples Bridge Center, May 3rd through 6th.  Win lots of silver!

Syd Blum is in charge of hospitality for our sectional – if you wish to bring something one of the days or are willing to assist in the kitchen, please let Syd know.  Lunch will be available on Thursday and Friday at a charge of $5.  If you are staying for the whole day and want to eat in, please buy a lunch ticket when you arrive.  The other options are to bring lunch from home or go out to one of the various restaurants in the vicinity.

Joy Schick’s popular teaching sessions on Saturday mornings followed by a pair game at 11 am have been very popular, but ended the last Saturday in March.  We hope everybody attending learned a lot about bridge and are putting what they learned to good use at the table. One of the interesting things about bridge is that there is always something new to learn – some of them are very minor things that may move your game up a notch.

The March 29th Swiss Team event (8 is enough) was extremely popular and included 16 teams.  This is an event where each A player counts for 3 points, a B player counts 2 points and a C player counts 1 point.  Your team could have two A players and two C players or various other combinations, but not four A players.  Two teams tied for first place, closely followed by a third team which won all four of its matches but not by enough of a margin to be first.  The single session Swiss in our tournament will be a regular Swiss team event and there four C players would be better off playing together against other C players.

Partnership chairmen for the tournament are Glenda Armstrong and Betty Barter.  Call either of them if you need a partner for a particular day.  Janet Dixon who is an outstanding partnership chairman will probably assist until she goes north for the season the end of April.  Your editor will temporarily fill in after Janet leaves and also handle partnerships for our June sectional.

Joanna Sarkisian has ended her lesson series on Wednesdays; Marcia Reff, who is teaching intermediate-level bridge will still be teaching Monday mornings through April and into May.  Check the website to see Marcia’s schedule for the rest of the lessons.  We thank both Marcia and Joanna for their wonderful efforts the past three months. 

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We now have a data base of e-mail addresses for more than 75% of the membership, plus some additional non-members who play at our club.  We will be delivering the newsletter electronically as well as periodic special announcements.  If you have e-mail and would like to be included in this, please speak to Ellie Goodrich, Liz or Jim Saxon.

PARTNERSHIPS – Please call Janet Dixon at 331-8803 if you need a partner for a particular day, but be sure to let her know in advance if you find one on your own.  By the same token, if you are available to play and willing to come at the last minute, please tell Janet or Ellie.