March 2012 Newsletter



March 2012                                                                Editor – Liz Saxon

The March winds are blowing, and, while the rest of the country is experiencing winter blasts, tornadoes and other exciting weather phenomena, our warm spring weather is glowing with all the flowering trees and shrubs blooming here in Naples. Our new membership directory is at the printer and includes 35 new members.  Thank you Betty Barter and George Bernstein for all your hard work.

We were delighted to have Sharon Anderson, new ACBL President, attend our Saturday 299er and Open Game on February 18th.  Sharon and her husband Roger came early for Joy Schick’s lesson and stayed late for a meeting with some of the 299er and other club members afterward.  Sharon is a vibrant speaker and talked about the ACBL’s constant need for volunteers and encouraged everyone there to volunteer with their local clubs.  We were also pleased to have Jane Garrett back for the month of February.  It was like old times to see her holding forth at Table 2 North!

Monday, March 5th is an ACBL-wide Senior Game– lots of extra points if you come in. The Club is planning to hold an “Eight is Enough” Swiss team event on Thursday, March 29th.  If you have never played in one of these, now is the time to get your name into Janet Dixon. An “A” player counts 3 points, a “B” player counts 2 points and a “C” player counts 1 point.  There cannot be four “A” players on the same team since that would add up to 12.  A team could have two A players and two C players OR four B players OR other combinations that add up to eight!  It’s a lot of fun and if you have never played in a team event you want to try.

April  Sectional --Plans are afoot for Bridge Deck’s second NLM/Senior Sectional in April.  Syd Blum is in charge of hospitality – if you would like to bring in a special dessert or snack, or volunteer in some other way, we would appreciate it.  The sectional will start on Wednesday, April 18, with a single session Swiss team and have single-session pair events Thursday and Friday at 10 am and 2:30 pm.  There will be separate NLM sections and open sections for the event.  Lunch will be available on site at a charge of $5 per ticket or you may go out to one of the area restaurants between sessions.  Glenda Armstrong and Betty Barter are partnership chairs and of course, Janet Dixon, will also help out.

The “Club Points” program instituted by Tom Urso in January has resulted in a number of members winning free games.  Each time you play at Bridge Deck Club, you win points for attending, points if you win a section top in your strata, and if you are a B or C player you win additional points for every higher ranked player you beat. When you get to 100 club points, you win a free game. If you don’t know your current point total, check the listing on the bulletin board.  Tom updates it every week.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We now have a data base of e-mail addresses for more than 80% of the membership, plus some additional non-members who play at our club.  We will be delivering the newsletter electronically as well as periodic special announcements.  If you have e-mail and would like to be included in this, please speak to Janet Dixon, Liz or Jim Saxon.

PARTNERSHIPS – Please call Janet Dixon at 331-8803 if you need a partner for a particular day, but be sure to let Janet know in advance if you find one on your own.  By the same token, if you are available to play and willing to come the last minute, please tell Janet or Ellie.

EDUCATION – Marcia Reff  is teaching intermediate bridge Monday mornings at 9 am.  Joanna Sarkisian is teaching beginning and continuing beginner bridge on Wednesdays at 9:30 am.  Joy Schick provides a lesson on Saturdays at 9:45 am before the 11 am 299er and regular open game. 


Fort Myers Sectional – March 8th-11th

Fort Myers “Up & Comers” Workshop – March 17th and 18th

Unit 128 Swiss Team – March 18th at Naples Bridge Center

Southeastern Regional in Fort Lauderdale – April 9 – 15th

Bridge Deck Senior/NLM Sectional – April 18th- 20th

Naples Bridge Center Sectional – May 3rd – 6th

Palm Beach Gardens Regional – May 28th – June 3rd