October 2017 Newsletter

The BDC is a member-owned and managed ACBL Bridge Club

Elks Lodge 2010                                                                     Games start promptly at 1:00

11250 Tamiami Trail East                                                       Please arrive by 12:45

Website: BridgeDeckClub.org                                                Partners: Eunice at 239-293-5290


October Extra Point Days

We will have two Club Championship days - Wednesday, Oct. 11 and Monday, Oct. 30.  In addition we will have three Club Appreciation Days - Monday, Oct. 16, Wednesday, Oct. 18, and Friday, Oct. 20.  There are no extra costs for playing on these days, but the rewards for winning are higher.


News about Naples

Naples is still in recovery mode after Hurricane Irma; the streets are still lined with piles of brush and cut up trees. I believe that everyone has electricity now, but there are still broken wooden electric poles on the Tamiami that need to be replaced. More than half the store signs in the county are damaged so Collier County sign makers will have work for months.  


The new Parish Hall/Community Center at St. Peter the Apostle Church looks quite impressive.  The outer walls and roof are on and windows and doors are being installed. We are all looking forward to seeing the interior work started.


The members of the Elks Lodge had been busy cleaning, painting, and modernizing the facilities before the storm struck. Now, like everyone else they have to start again.  The room that we use for Bridge is in fine shape. We had to throw away one chair, but other than that had no losses.


We will continue to be open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in October. For those of you just coming back to the area, after entering the parking lot of the Lodge go to the door on the far right of the building. 


Zero Tolerance

Let us not forget that Bridge is a game and should be fun for one and all.  It is a game of intellectual skill but like all games it has rules and regulations. In fact there are 93 Duplicate Bridge laws and directors attempt to enforce all these laws as fairly as possible. Directors want everyone to enjoy the game, but some players forget that the director should also be treated fairly.  Here at the Bridge Deck Club we have an extremely experienced and knowledgeable Head Director. Most of our members recognize how important she is to the club’s well being. It is unfortunate when one or two players want to argue and dispute rather than accept and move on.  Below is page xvii in the introductory section of the ACBL Laws of Duplicate Bridge book.


The Scope of the Laws

“The Laws are designed to define correct procedure and to provide an adequate remedy when there is a departure from correct procedure.  An offending player should be ready to pay any penalty or rectification graciously or to accept any adjusted score awarded by the Tournament Director.  The Laws are primarily designed not as punishment for irregularities, but rather as redress for damage.”



Marcia Reff will lead a 10-week course on Defensive Techniques starting on Oct. 16 at the Elks Lodge 9:30 AM to noon. Topics will include attitude, count, and suit preference signals, leads, trumping declarer’s winners, active defense vs passive defense, and preserving defensive communication. Cost 10.00 for BDC members, 12.00 for non-club members.


Textbook will be 25 Ways to be a Better Defender by Seagram & Bird. $18.00