September 2017 Newsletter

The BDC is a member-owned and managed ACBL Bridge Club

Elks Lodge 2010                                                                     Games start promptly at 1:00

11250 Tamiami Trail East                                                       Please arrive by 12:45



The Elks Lodge is closed for the last 2 weeks of August for cleaning and interior painting so the kitchen and bar is closed.  The Bridge Club remains open during this time. The rug in the room that we use will be cleaned on the weekend or on a day when we are not there.



Jane Garrett, a valued member of our club for many years, died this week in North Carolina. She served on the food committee for many, many years (always making sure we had plenty of peanut butter), served as partnership chairman and was always the first one to welcome new players to our club. Jane sat at Table 2 North-South and when you got to her table there was always a cheery hello from her. As her health began to fail, she moved to North Carolina to be near her family – but as she often told Ellie, she left her heart in Naples. All who knew her will miss her. 



Jean Jensen writes that she is still in Naples, but due to her continuing health problems she is unable to play Bridge.  She misses the companionship of her many friends and would enjoy emails and calls. 



There will be extra black point games in September – on Monday, Sept. 11 and then on Friday, Sept. 22.  Hope to see everyone there.



Our own Richard Price experimented with various designs, until he came up with a nice “off the table holder” for the bidding boxes and cup holders. He constructed them out of thin wood with cut out notches so the bidding boxes don’t slide off.  The wood is stained and varnished and the outside edge is covered neatly with plastic edging. Elliott Myers lent him a hand with the manufacturing of the last few sets.  Each set of four takes about 9 hours to make, but with assembly line production the time could be reduced.  When more people come back in the fall, we hope others will volunteer to help manufacture them. When we move back to the new community hall at St. Peter, the Apostle Church we will be buying new chairs and tables. Our new bidding box holders will dress up our tables and keep them neat.



The Bridge Deck Club has seen excellent summertime attendance at our games.  Obviously more and more people have discovered that Naples is a great place to live year-round.  New home communities keep growing in our area.  Every time we drive down I-41, Davis Blvd, County Barn, or Collier Blvd we see more and more houses being built.


A Sore Loser
B. Jay Becker, ACBL Life Master #6 who wrote a syndicated Bridge column for many years published this on Feb. 9, 1965


Dear Mr. Becker,


  I am writing you from Sing Sing, where I recently acquired a rent-free apartment for life due to the sudden demise, at my instigation, of a very close friend of mine.  I doubt that you ever met this gentleman.  He did not play bridge at all.

  We have a group here who greatly enjoy playing bridge, but lately there has been some friction among us and some very unkind words have been addressed especially toward me. It all began with this hand.

 I was West and doubled South a four-time loser, when he opened the bidding with four spades.  I led the king of diamonds and when my partner played the eight on it, I continued with the ace.

  There was no question now about my continuing with a diamond, since I knew that my partner would ruff, but I was very baffled by whether I should return the nine or the deuce.

You see, my partner and I play the suit-preference convention, and I realized that if I led the nine, he would return a heart, while if I led the deuce, he would return a club.  As you have stated many times in your column, a high card asks for the high suit and a low card asks for the low suit.  In this case, however, I did not want either suit returned, but wanted a trump return, so that I could give my partner another ruff.

  The way I solved the problem was that I played the nine and the deuce together.  I then apologized to declarer, saying: “Oh I am sorry, but I’ll play either card that you want.  It doesn’t really matter.”

  My partner, who I can assure you was not born yesterday, grasped the situation very quickly.  After ruffing the diamond, he returned a trump. As a result, South went down two. Judging from the way South acted right after this, I must say that I think he is a very sore loser.

            Sincerely yours,

            John Doe

Dealer: North
Vul:  Both

                                S  5 3

                                H  K 7 5 2

                                D  Q T 4

                                C  K Q 6 2

S  A 8                                                     S  9 7 2

H  Q J 4                                                  H T 8 6 3

D  A K 9 2                                             D  8 5

C  J 9 7 3                                               C  T 8 5 4

                                S  K Q J T 6 4

                                H  A 9

                                D  J 7 6 3

                                C  A


                West       North      East        South

                                Pass        Pass        4 Spades




By the way Marcia Reff will be leading a Defense course starting on Monday, October 16 immediately after the Naples Regional Tournament.

We are on the defending team at least half of the time and Defense is harder than Declarer Play. Should we cover that honor, should we win that trick now or later, how can we tell our partner we want him to lead a club, how many points does my partner have, how many diamonds does he have - these are the bridge mysteries that good bridge courses and books try to help us discover. 

The club has 7 copies of Barbara Seagram and David Bird’s book 25Ways to be a Better Defender. I need to know how many more the class will need.  If you are interested in attending this class on Monday mornings from 9:30 to noon, please email or call me at 239-775-8460

I order the books from Master Point Press in Canada and receive a decent discount because I always order 30 at a time.  This order will also include a large number of Standard Bidding with SAYC  books for my January course on basic bidding conventions.