About The Bridge Deck Club of Naples

The Bridge Deck Club of Naples is a sanctioned club within the structure of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). This means that games played in the Club earn masterpoints that are reported to ACBL and kept available on ACBL’s computers and website.  The Club files a monthly report to ACBL reporting each person’s masterpoints. Membership in the Bridge Deck Club of Naples is on an annual basis.

The Bridge Deck Club of Naples is member-owned and member operated.  There is a Board of Governors (usually seven members) from which a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer are elected each year.  The Board meets approximately once a month during the winter/spring season and the rest of the year on an as needed basis.

Membership dues are currently $35.00 for the first year (which includes a name tag) and $25.00 per year thereafter.  A Directory of members is published each February.  Playing fees are $8.00 per game for members, $10.00 for non-members.  Special games which produce more masterpoints than usual may cost $1.00 additional.  The Bridge Deck Club membership does NOT include ACBL annual dues.